Rust/Golang Developer

Rust/Golang Developer

From 4000$

If all above describes you, Boosty Labs hopes to have you as our new team member to help us grow in the direction that sustains Boosty Labs culture of many different talents and nationalities within an informal and trusting environment.


We are looking for a highly skilled developer to strengthen our company. You will work with our advanced developers.


  • Strong system programming skills in Go, Rust
  • Building P2P networks
  • Basic understanding of DHT+Kademlia
  • Understanding of building P2P applications
  • Understanding the differences between the existing transports of data transmission over the network
  • Ability to dig deep into unfamiliar topics (before reading scientific articles)
  • Ability to make short-term plans for demo
  • The ability to find different alternatives to the design of the developed system
  • Ability to coordinate a small team of developers

Join our team!

Tell a bit about yourself and why you would like to join us, share your CV and portfolio (if needed) with us

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