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Blockchain and crypto consulting

The use cases for blockchain beyond cryptocurrencies are numerous: this technology is used for identity verification, logistics, insurance, banking, enterprise management, government control etc. For a long time, Boosty Labs operational and technical teams have been helping businesses, corporations and government agencies select and develop practical blockchain solutions. We are a world-class fintech and cloud engineering team with a solid background of practice that combines blockchain and crypto consulting, strategy, design and engineering at scale.

Benefits of cooperation with Boosty Labs


Blockchain consulting and valuation

Before a client starts investing in blockchain technology, the Boosty Labs team will help them determine the best blockchain strategy for business.


Wide technical possibilities

We will help you choose the best blockchain solution for your company. Our team of experts has a wealth of experience in building smart contracts for business, customer reward and loyalty systems, blockchain storage solutions, distributed ledgers for financial transparency, and many other applications.


Creation of industry applications

We share our experience in developing blockchain applications to improve the efficiency of your business. Blockchain technology may sound daunting, but we simplify it and articulate how it can help your business.


Custom blockchain solutions

Unique blockchain applications will improve your business, whether in finance, real estate, supply chain or database management. We will help you seamlessly integrate blockchain technology with your existing platforms without interfering with existing operations. Benefits include lower costs, increased efficiency, and elimination of systematic errors and fraud.

Features of blockchain development with Boosty Labs

Industry development

Blockchain application development can completely change your industry by increasing the level of trust and reliability. Boosty Labs blockchain development and cryptocurrency consulting will help accelerate application creation and deployment, and see important improvements in reliability and performance.

Development of smart contracts

Boosty Labs can help you implement smart contracts to manage your blockchain or cryptocurrency. You will receive support based on selected rules and standards. Depending on whether we are talking about a private or public blockchain, you can restrict access to an existing chain or create a path to ICO and other funds.

Development of client blockchain software

The developers at Boosty Labs can help you build client applications and platforms to help you grow your business and drive innovation. With our help, you minimize risks and downtime in development.

Blockchain and smart contracts audit

Boosty Labs' role as a blockchain software development consultant is to fully review technology and smart contracts and identify errors and failures in the system. A full review will help improve and fix your code by removing unnecessary restrictions.

Blockchain development training

Boosty Labs experts and blockchain specialists will educate your developers on the latest tools, platforms and best practices for building blockchain applications and services. Your team will acquire skills and knowledge and will be able to provide support to clients, minimizing the costs of blockchain technology development.

Blockchain application development consulting is a very popular service these days.
Blockchain is much more than cryptocurrencies. Major banks, logistics companies, electronics manufacturers and diversified giant corporations are investing in it.

Blockchain allows to:

  • Automate processes;
  • Create accounts protected from unauthorized access;
  • Reduce costs associated with data storage;
  • Eliminate the need for third party authentication;
  • Improve the security and reliability of transactions;
  • Increase the speed and number of transactions;
  • Remove duplicate data and associated risks.

Having a long-term practice of successfully creating projects based on blockchain technology, our company also provides consultations on the development of blockchain applications. By contacting us, you can count on the competent assistance of specialists who have been working in this area for a long enough time to provide qualified advice to those wishing to work in this direction. 

An innovative idea alone is not enough for a successful implementation. With our help, you can access proven design methodologies and composable solutions to accelerate positive business results.

After completing the consulting phase and creating a result-oriented blockchain project, our specialists will work with you to create an action plan and solutions that will form the basis for the assessment, design, and development of the blockchain.

We will help you formulate and clarify the requirements for your software product, select suitable technologies, develop UI and UX design, develop and test the software product and deploy it in a distributed ecosystem.

We are also ready to provide a dedicated blockchain development team. The skills, experience and knowledge of our developers will allow you to quickly and efficiently cope with both creating a product from scratch and improving an existing solution.

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