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Tokenomics consulting and development

Tokenomics is a kind of business plan for a cryptocurrency (token). This is a balanced economic model of a token that takes into account the interests of all participants (investors, users, coin founders, developers, and so on). For a long time, Boosty Labs company has been involved in tokenomics consulting and development. We are a world-class fintech and cloud engineering team with a solid background of practice that combines blockchain and crypto consulting, strategy, design and engineering at scale.

Boosty Labs consulting services on the development and implementation of economic models


Development of a tokenomics model

Developing an effective, comprehensive economic model. In the process of creating tokenomics, the principles of its functioning are developed and a functional description of smart contracts for working with project tokens is created.


Development of smart contracts

Development of smart contracts that allow you to technically implement the tokenomic model of the project.


Audit and correction of existing tokenomics models

Conducting an audit of the existing tokenomics model, conducting stress tests, optimizing processes and eliminating problems found.

Features of the token design process and the formation of the project tokenomics

Creation of a project and product description

Determination of the value and consumer characteristics of the project and product. Creation of the most accurate description of all the results of the project's activities and a conclusion on what part of these results needs to be tokenized.

Determination of the parties and their interests

Identification of all stakeholders, i.e. persons potentially interested in the project, their interests, as well as parties that may have an impact on the project.

Determining the type of token and choosing a platform

Determination of the type of token, the functions of which can to a greater extent ensure the interconnection of the interests of all stakeholders, comply with legal norms, and its technical characteristics, and the choice of the blockchain platform on which the token will operate.

Formation of a model of token movement within the ecosystem

Determination of the main mechanics that will ensure the motivation of tokenholders and stakeholders, and verification of the token model for compliance with the jurisdiction of the countries of its circulation.

Calculation of the real costs of the project and their structure

Consideration of options for business development with various amounts of attracted funds. The structure and amount of costs should correspond to the roadmap of the project.

Formation of a predictive financial model of tokenomics

Development of a financial model thanks to the detailed preliminary calculations and a comprehensive understanding of the functions and mechanics of the token in the ecosystem.


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Tokenomics is the science of shaping the economy and value of tokens. The term "tokenomics" refers to all factors that can shape the value of tokens. 

Tokenomics will help everyone who wants to get a fundamental analysis of any token or cryptocurrency. Thanks to the data obtained, it will be possible to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the attractiveness of the token, including the investment one.

In general, tokenomics can be divided into two parts:

  • Macrotokenomics – studies the relationship and interaction of tokens with blockchain networks, third-party companies, exchanges, and so on.
  • Microtokenomics – studies the properties of a single token.

The tokenomics development process is the process of finding the economic meaning of a token. How the token will be in demand by different groups of people determines its liquidity, cost, popularity. To develop tokenomics, you need to have knowledge of macro and microeconomics, as well as have technical knowledge in the fields of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and smart contracts.

Usually, a detailed description of tokenomics is presented in the white paper of projects. When designing and issuing tokens, each project has the opportunity to create unique tokenomics that can ensure the success of the project.

The economic model of the token is built on the basis of a business model that has a mathematical representation and has been tested for applicability and internal consistency. The development of tokenomics is closely related to the vision of business goals by the founders of tokens and / or cryptocurrencies. 

Tokenomics need to be developed at a very early stage so that it shows business problems and helps avoid negative consequences. Strategic investors always study tokenomics and very often double-check the calculations and the economic model of the token.

Not all existing token models comply with the legislation of various jurisdictions and are cost-effective. Developing a good tokenomics model is extremely difficult. However, it is worth paying attention to:

  • High growth (or high growth potential).
  • Measures to encourage ecosystem participants who are willing to hold tokens, or vice versa – to introduce a long transaction processing time so that there is an incentive to hold tokens. Alternatively, you can reward those who hold tokens, as well as introduce commissions for their liquidation.
  • Acceptable transaction turnover (or the possibility of such) in relation to market capitalization.

The creation of tokenomics requires the skills of such specialists as business model developers, mathematicians, macroeconomists, marketers and, most importantly, IT specialists and blockchain experts – people who can transfer the meaning and logic of tokenomics into the project code.

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