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Whitepaper consulting and creation

Whitepaper is a detailed description of the project for users and investors, which allows them to assess its prospects and advantages and make a decision on financing. Professional development of a whitepaper for an ICO project greatly increases its chances of success, attracting the attention of potential investors. For a long time, Boosty Labs company has been involved in whitepaper consulting and creation. We are a world-class fintech and cloud engineering team with a solid background of practice that combines blockchain and crypto consulting, strategy, design and engineering at scale.

Features of whitepaper consulting and creation


Whitepaper Presentation Objectives

Formation and consolidation of the expert status for the company; product support within the segment; technical evaluation (comparison) of several similar proposals; engaging the audience in interaction with the brand.


Whitepaper development structure

Whitepaper presentation for ICO contains the following sections: formulation of the problem; suggested solution (product description); description of the token (interaction with the product, technical and economic aspects); team benefits;  further plans after the release of tokens.


Team description

When preparing the whitepaper of the project, you need to pay attention to the description of the team that will work on its implementation. This section is one of the most important in the document. It is important to show that the team consists of versatile talented people who know how to achieve success, have experience in the blockchain field and are ready to generate ideas.


Product description section

It is also important to pay attention to the section describing the product. It's good if the project went beyond the idea, and investors can present real-life activities and users. From the point of view of the owner of the capital, the main thing in such a document is a description of the plan for the development of the attracted finance. The token needs to be announced when it goes public, as well as a technical description.

Categories of people interested in the whitepaper creation

Those who are planning to sell something new

Writing a whitepaper in this case will provide an opportunity to present as much information as possible about the product, describe its technical characteristics, advantages, and features.

Those who offer something difficult to perceive (or understand)

Often we are talking about new technologies, inventions, with a cursory acquaintance with which it is difficult to understand their principle of operation. Preparation of a whitepaper project helps to solve problems of this kind.

Those who are interested in attracting investment

Developing a custom whitepaper is a way to immediately highlight the economic indicators of a project and provide answers to all questions. From this document, investors receive the necessary information.


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Criteria for a good whitepaper

A decent whitepaper should be simple yet contain all the critical technical, financial and commercial details. Sometimes professional definitions can be problematic for the average reader. In order to convey the information correctly, the team must build a logical chain, divide the text into convenient sections, duplicate the data in graphs and diagrams, and then display the resulting figures in a table.

If the document was written by professionals, the reader will be able to find answers to the following questions:

  • What problem is the team solving?
  • What method did she choose for this?
  • In what time frame will the project be completed?
  • Who is working on the project?
  • How is the token used and how does the investor benefit?
  • How is the project financed?
  • What will the collected funds be spent on?
  • How to identify a promising development?

Technology concept

This point is the most important for a crypto investor. After reviewing it, the reader will be able to understand what idea he is invited to invest in. The team must clearly explain its intention and define the key goal. It is worth looking for an important innovation in the whitepaper that will forever change human life. Above all, useful innovations are valued that can interest an ordinary member of the network. Unique updates will be a success, while tweaked plagiarism will never become a market leader.

Scope of application

A potential investor should pay attention to the industry in which the innovation is planned. The capital owner will have to assess how profitable the introduction of a new high-tech product is and how consumers will react.


In view of the fact that crypto coins or tokens become a means of investment, a potential investor should understand in detail the financial system of the project. Cryptocoins can play the role of shares, allowing you to distribute funds between depositors, but sometimes tokens are used more widely and become a unique means of payment within the digital system. By purchasing coins, a person gets access to special functions or goods. Thus, tokens are converted into a monetary unit that can be spent on the use of technology.

Cryptocurrency creation system

 Developers can use an inflationary or deflationary model to maintain an optimal level of supply and demand. Both the first and second principles can be very promising, depending on the goals of the developer. At the same time, a crypto investor should distinguish between these systems and make a choice for each specific situation.

Consensus achievement methodology 

The consensus achievement methodology determines the speed of the block ledger. The higher this indicator, the more convenient it is to use the development for its intended purpose. Accordingly, high speed guarantees high-quality performance of functions and attractiveness of the program. For example, the payment system always values ​​fast transaction execution. Outdated methods of reaching consensus are not able to ensure good operation of the cryptosystem, and therefore the use of old programs inevitably leads to failure.

Having studied the structure of the whitepaper, the user can determine how high-quality and promising the proposed development is. A potentially successful project has a detailed and understandable description. If the system is of high quality and solves important global problems, it has a good chance of leadership in its industry.

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