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Martech for financial services and blockchain startups

Modern marketing blockchain startups must use digital technologies in solving external and internal tasks. MarTech or marketing technologies help marketing specialists with this. Martech development services are created and used at the intersection of marketing in its traditional sense, modern information technology and management.

Benefits of MarTech technical services for financial sector and blockchain startups


Advertising and promotion

Video, social media, print and content advertising, and PR.


Content and experience

Marketing automation and optimization, web experience management, mobile apps, SEO and email marketing.


Social interactions and relationships

CRM, social media monitoring, loyalty, recommendations and customer experience.


Commerce and sales

Software for noncontact marketing, sales automation, e-commerce and shopping cart.



Martech for financial services include predictive analytics, mobile and web analytics, marketing performance improvement, data management, dashboards and data visualization, and business analytics.



Cooperation, workflow, project management and marketing resources management.

Functions of MarTech:


Building full brand awareness in the user’s mind


Heightening interest in new products and services


Targeting specific audiences


Responding quickly to advertising campaign outcomes

Technology aspects of MarTech for blockchain startups

Content management systems

They help manage a brand’s website, native content (blog/video channels) and landing pages.

Programmatic platform

With DSPs and DMPs or other platforms that include functionality of both of them, marketing experts can buy advertising platforms based on data about potential audiences.

Content/native/mass media platforms

Control the level of awareness of content on the website and other digital channels.

Search engine optimizers and SEO/SEM tools

Maintain awareness through organic and paid search campaigns.

Now, we are witnessing exponential growth in the range of products, terabytes of new data per time unit, loss of focus of the consumers and a fierce fight for their attention. This results in confused customers and confused traditional marketing, which simply does not have time to adapt and fail.

This all is a perfect fuel for technology development, because algorithms are super fast, super accurate and independent of emotion. Marketing should fit into technology development against the background of the inevitable global technologization of all industries.

The classic approach to advertising campaign planning is to describe the portrait of the consumer and use it to determine the social and demographic characteristics of the target audience. Then communication channels are selected using industrial software and a mass campaign is launched to the entire audience through these channels. But this happens if there are large budgets.

Meanwhile, digital remarketing catches up with people’s interest in a particular product and leads them to purchase faster and with lower investment. But there are inevitable pitfalls here. For example, when a person already has bought a refrigerator and still sees ads of different models for some time.

New targeting level

Global trends tell us that the consumer is a king. The better you understand and hear the consumer, the more likely they are to choose you. A MarTech services company can help identify these different audience segments within familiar target groups.

In the world of finance and blockchain, there are still the same stages of brand awareness: knowledge, interest, consideration of an offer, intention to take some action, assessment of necessity, decision and satisfaction of need.

So MarTech (marketing technologies) are platforms and ways of their application, which allow marketers to establish communication with the potential consumer in the digital space at any of the stages of the customer journey.

MarTech helps startups:

  • increase personalized targeting;
  • assess the effectiveness of advertising campaigns more accurately;
  • collect and utilize data to make the best decisions.

Trends of MarTech consulting services for startups 

  • Growth of the number of automated platforms that solve the tasks of collecting data about consumers, integrating data from different sources and profiling and segmentating of consumers (data management platforms and customer data platforms).
  • Mobile-first approach, because about 64% of all access to the Internet in the world is carried out through smartphones. The speeds of 5G technology will significantly increase the accuracy of local targeting and the possibility of interaction between IoT (Internet of Things) devices.
  • Omnichannel and technology platforms that enable brands to track, measure and optimize consumer interactions continuously across the entire journey, regardless of the channels.
  • The boom of optimizing the content for voice requests. More than 50% of searches worldwide are voice-activated through smartphones or smart speakers like Alexa. Consumers want relevant, personalized answers to their questions.

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