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Fuel blockchain development

Fuel is the execution layer for the blockchain modular stack. It provides high security and has flexible bandwidth. Boosty Labs is the largest Fuel blockchain development company in Europe. Its world-class fintech and cloud engineering team has a solid background of practice that combines consulting, strategy, design and engineering at scale. Our Fuel blockchain developers can help with Fuel blockchain development services.

Key Features

Execution of parallel transactions

Parallel execution of transactions allows you to achieve high performance. This model allows you to use more cores and CPU threads, which are usually idle in single-threaded blockchains.

Virtual machine

The native blockchain virtual machine which is is lightweight and compatible with the EVM and serves as a means to attract developers to the blockchain ecosystem.


The Sway language is a DSL language for the blockchain VM. The language is based on Rust and includes a syntax for using a virtual machine without the verbose boilerplate.


High Throughput

The architecture provides high throughput by having transactions pooled and settled on the Ethereum blockchain.

Extended Сapabilities

Users have an enhanced experience as Fuel interacts with other networks for consensus and data availability, such as Celestia.

High Speed

Fuel represents the fastest execution layer for the modular blockchain stack.


The language is used to deploy a wallet on Fuel.

Fuel was developed as a Layer 2 scaling technology and was the first optimistic rollup to launch on Ethereum in late 2020.

The Fuel Labs startup now employs more than 60 developers and positions Fuel as a "modular execution layer" (MEL) with high throughput potential that features new execution styles.

Despite certain differences, Fuel is similar to Polygon (MATIC) and other Layer 2 protocols. Among the advantages of the technology is smoother execution, which is achieved without compromising the decentralization and security of Ethereum.

The startup aims to work with targeted DeFi projects and declares its mission to accelerate cryptocurrency transactions. The project team aims to create solutions that will open up new use cases for the next generation of decentralized finance.

Unlike competitors, the project does not seek to create new networks, but to increase the decentralization and security of existing systems.

In September 2022, the startup raised $80 million from eleven companies.

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