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Accounting system development

Accounting system is a specially developed software product that allows transfer of all accounting into an automated mode. The introduction of computer technologies allows you to analyze and plan the activities of an organization, and the software products can be used by both accountants and other employees of enterprises due to their versatility. For several years, the Boosty Labs team has been successfully involved in outsource accounting systems development. We are a world-class fintech and cloud engineering team with a solid background of practice tha

Advantages of software for an automated accounting system


Ease of use

The software provides the user with space in the process of its development and operation, has appropriate informative prompts, a developed help system and an interface that meets the requirements of clarity and convenience.


User-friendliness of the user interface

Convenience of working with menus and screen forms, their equipment with a help system, prompts, the standard and familiarity of using the keyboard and terminological concepts.


Completeness and level of automation of functions

Individual calculation functions are implemented in almost any package. All basic types of calculations are covered in the program, regardless of whether there is a need for them at the moment.


Flexibility and openness of the system

The ability to add new data to the system without making changes to the structure. A system is considered open if it makes it possible to change the structure of the database without changing the software. The concept of "flexibility" of a system is closely related to the concept of "customizability", since a package cannot be both highly customizable and inflexible at the same time.


The reliability of the system

Resistance to incorrect user commands, failures of technical means, the presence of control over data entry, erroneous from the point of view of accounting, the absence of stress from the occurrence of unexpected situations.

Boosty Labs accounting systems development company software features

An integrated system for the automation of enterprise management in the field of production, trade and services

The complex includes subsystems for maintaining contracts, accounting for cash and settlements with counterparties, procurement and inventory management, operational and production planning, production management, sales, fixed assets accounting, wages, management analysis, accounting and tax accounting.

Accounting system

A set of programs that implement the functions of both separate sections of accounting, with the possibility of subsequent aggregation of data, and accounting as a whole. For medium and large enterprises, this form of accounting software remains the most acceptable.

Complex accounting system

For analytical accounting, a multilevel structure of accounting accounts is used, and there are no analytical reference books. The number of accounts and subaccounts is not limited, any account can have up to five levels of sub accounts. Accounting data can be presented in the form of graphs and diagrams. All forms of statistical reporting to the tax authorities and off-budget funds are collected in one group with forms for filling out primary documents.

Multi-user network accounting system

It is intended not only for enterprises starting automation for the first time, but also for those who are not satisfied with the results of their computer systems. Provides the completeness of functions and the required level of detail for accounting at each site; built in a single information environment, where all users have access to common information in real time.

What is the purpose of accounting automation?

Increasing labor productivity by reducing paperwork and manual settlements is the main goal of introducing accounting automation at enterprises of various forms of ownership.

Computer programs help to reduce production costs, reduce the likelihood of errors due to the input of information from different sources.

If we talk about the tasks that are set for the program, the following should be identified:

  • preparation of primary documentation;
  • setting up accounting and management operations for the needs of a particular organization;
  • creation of the required number of plans-accounts;
  • keeping records of various electronic forms;
  • formation of the necessary reporting.

The use of software eliminates the so-called "human factor", streamlining accounting.

Accounting automation helps to eliminate a large number of errors, to increase the efficiency and economy of the accounting department.

The creation of an integrated AIS is the most important step for the prompt receipt of information, which is so necessary for the effective operation of the entire organization.

Streamlining and structuring accounting

Computerization of accounting activities facilitates the work of employees due to the fact that all information has a certain order and is structured into sections.

If earlier it was necessary to spend a lot of time and human resources to search or extract the necessary data, then in an automated mode this process takes a matter of seconds, and information can be obtained in any aspect, and then printed, saved or sent by e-mail.

Disclosure of analytical data for management accounting purposes

By introducing automated accounting, all available data can be used in various areas of the enterprise, including for analytics in order to further adjust the organization's policy.

This directly applies to management accounting, since timely measures taken contribute not only to the stable development of the enterprise, but also to prevent mistakes that lead to disastrous consequences.

Efficiency of primary accounting

Primary accounting documents include securities that are able to confirm the implementation of transactions (payment orders, cash orders, overheads). Primary documentation is an important part of accounting, since it is required by the tax authorities for verification and careful study. In addition, it serves as an evidence base in litigation.

When conducting accounting on paper, they often lagged behind with the entry of data on primary transactions. The introduction of automation helped to get rid of this problem, because all the work is done promptly and in the shortest possible time. In addition, this approach contributed to the preparation of quarterly and annual reports with their submission without delays.

Availability of a single information base

Accounting automation is inextricably linked with the automation of other production processes in the enterprise.

This made it possible to create unified databases, which can be accessed from any work computer, represented in the system as an automated workstation (automated workstation).

There is no need for a specialist to find forms of internal reporting or the necessary indicators, referring to other employees. All data is recorded and stored in the system.

Optimization of the company's expenses for the maintenance of the staff of accountants

Large volumes of routine paperwork require care from specialists, which leads to an increase in the deadlines for their execution. This can lead to delays, missed deadlines and delays in certain accounting transactions.

We have to hire new workers, increasing the cost of wages and organization of the workplace.

Accounting automation reduces the time it takes to complete a number of operations, relieving the burden on the accounting sector and eliminating overstaffing.

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