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Flow blockchain development

Flow is an advanced blockchain designed to create a new generation of games and applications, as well as an affordable NFT token issuance. The decentralized environment allows anyone to issue NFTs, and users can easily purchase assets with minimal fees. Boosty Labs is the largest blockchain development outsourcing company in Europe. Its world-class fintech and cloud engineering team with a solid background of practice that combines consulting, strategy, design and engineering at scale, can help with outsource development of Flow protocol and provide advisory services.

Flow advantages over other blockchain protocols


Unique architecture

The Flow blockchain differs from the standard architecture of other blockchains, where each transaction’ data is stored and processed. Flow uses the “conveyor” principle: tasks are stacked vertically. Such a model increases network throughput and scalability, while reducing the cost of maintaining operations in its internal environment.


Targeting the mass consumer

Flow payment tools provide a simple and secure transition from fiat money to cryptocurrency, which makes it possible to target the network to the mass consumer.


The ability to get rid of the shortcomings of Ethereum

The CryptoKitties development team was prompted to create the Flow blockchain by the incorrect operation of their product in Ethereum, when there were problems in the network with scaling and the requirements of large commissions. For its users, the developers of Dapper Labs have provided more acceptable conditions by offering them a cheaper and faster system.



The technical parameters of the project make it easy to use Flow not only for experienced cryptocurrency traders, but also for novice players and basketball fans who do not delve into the intricacies of the blockchain. The developers claim that on Flow you can create almost anything, with fast gameplay and good graphics.

The special features of the Flow protocol

Flow Token

The native currency of the network, Flow token, provides the functionality of applications and smart contracts in the system. With its help, settlements are carried out between users and developers. The token serves as a reward to users for their network activity. Thus, its circulation in the network ensures its functionality.


NFT marketplaces are used to purchase digital artworks. Using Flow through the NBA Top Shot NFT token marketplace, you can log into the VIV3 NFT service to purchase trendy new products.

High development speed

Built-in logging function maintains high software quality and development speed.

Simple programming language

The simple programming language Cadence makes it easy to build decentralized applications and digital assets. The creation of updatable smart contracts has also been simplified.

Current Flow development  makes it  a promising digital platform. It allows you to experiment with new business and financing models. A fully open source product with token and mainnet functionality makes Flow available to a new generation of entrepreneurs, designers and developers

Experts believe that the prospects for Flow cryptocurrency on the market are quite good. It can become a demanded "intermediate asset" on crypto-exchanges on crypto-exchanges. The cryptocurrency is provided, first of all, with the values ​​that are created on the basis of the Flow blockchain. The greater the amount of value produced there, the higher the demand for the FLOW token will be. FLOW is already actively traded on such well-known exchanges as Binance, FTX, OKEx, Huobi Global.

The FLOW token will eventually spur innovative business models for developers. This will attract many users to the platform and will be able to unite all communities that develop tools for creating and distributing value on the network. In turn, this will increase the value of the cryptocurrency itself.

The Flow developers promise that the protocol’s payment system will become one of the most convenient for all its participants. Transactions will take place in any currency, high throughput and low commissions will be guaranteed. This will allow the creation of decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges (DEX). The use of frequent batch auctions will help prevent attacks on such exchanges.

Dapper Labs has partnerships with the National Basketball Association (NBA), the UFC, Dr. Suess and Fusion Media, a major label by Warner Music Group. The working conditions and the tools offered by the platform are suitable for all of them.

Dapper Labs is introducing the NBA Top Shot Closed Beta to its users. The company's reorientation from "crypto kitties" to international sports is a big plus for the company and this is the best news about Flow protocol to date.

The answers to these questions will point you in the direction of the entire development process and help you come up with the specifications for building your NFT marketplace.

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