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NFT Drop | NFT Sale Platform Development

In the industry, the terms NFT drop and NFT sale are often used interchangeably. An NFT sale means NFT selling, while an NFT drop is a free distribution of NFTs under certain conditions. For example, people have NFTs from some author's previous collection, and the first 100 such NFT owners can get new NFTs for free. Boosty Labs is an NFT drop/NFT sale platform development company. We are a world-class fintech and cloud engineering team with 10 years’ background of practice that combines consulting, strategy, design and engineering at scale.

Our NFT Drop/NFT Sale Platform Development Services


Landing Page

Usually clients come with a ready-made landing page, but we can also create it.


Content Creation

Sometimes clients come with ready-made content, especially hand-drawn NFTs. If NFTs are generated, as in the vast majority of collections, and are made randomly from layers, then we can generate any number of NFTs, according to any rules, using these layers. We randomly select layer 1, the background, overlay a picture on it, add accessories (hats, glasses, etc.).


Smart Contract Creation

We are writing a smart contract. We already have ready-made templates. Usually they are sold at a fixed price, but we can run both an auction and a Dutch auction – create any custom contract for a client.


Whitelist Creation

In NFT sales, there is such a thing as whitelists. The start of sales is preceded by a period when a certain category of users is given the opportunity to be the first to issue NFTs - perhaps at a special price. Most often, the project has a Discord account, which collects the addresses of such users. We can help you create a whitelist for a project. We have a turnkey solution for off-chain whitelists. They can be done on-chain, that is, they can be added to the smart contract itself, but this is expensive and inflexible.


Minting Functionality Creation

We integrate wallets into the landing page – most often, this is MetaMask – and create functionality for minting. Usually it is created on the main landing page, or a separate page is created and minting functionality is being integrated with a smart contract.

NFT Drop/NFT Sale Platform Functions


NFT Drop/NFT Sale Platform includes a storefront where the user finds all the necessary data: price history, owners, rates, preview.


The filters feature makes it easier to navigate the site, especially if it contains a large number of collectibles. It allows you to choose products by collection, category, listing status and payment method.


The platform should support category and tag management to make it easier for the user to find collectibles.


Using the list creation function, the user can enter information about the token (name, description, tags) and upload files.

Buy and Bid Feature

The platform must include a feature that allows users to buy non-fungible tokens and bid on them. The function allows you to display information about the current status of rates and their expiration date.


The platform must include a wallet that allows users to receive, store and send NFTs. One way to integrate this feature is to provide users with a connected wallet they are already using.

NFT Drop/NFT Sale Platform is an online store, auction and blockchain platform in one place. Users can create their own NFT tokens, sell them, exchange and replenish their collections with other people's works.

On the platform, users can:

  • view information on each exposed NFT;
  • sort tokens;
  • search for tokens by certain criteria using filters;
  • buy tokens through direct sales and auctions;
  • keep track of all the necessary information in your personal account;
  • receive notifications about each stage of the transaction.

Platform’s storefront presents bid available for purchase or exchange. On the page of each bid there is a name, price, description, owner, purchase method, rating, etc. Information about the token protocol, which confirms its authenticity, can also be placed here. A convenient storefront is an important condition for attracting users.

To start working with the marketplace, the user must create an account. Usually, an account is created through the connection of a crypto wallet.

Ads window should be easy to fill. The user needs the ability to quickly upload a file and provide a name, description, price, and tags.
Ratings section allow you to evaluate the popularity of a lot or a particular seller among other visitors. Typically, the rating looks like a numerical rating or “likes” that registered users can put.

You can add a system of push notifications about new bids, status changes, lot sales, or marketplace updates. Notifications help increase site traffic.

Wallets are needed to send, receive and store non-fungible tokens. As a rule, marketplaces offer to integrate a crypto wallet of some popular platform.

Support service helps users understand the functionality, solve problems and find answers to emerging questions. You can make it in the form of a call center, email support or chat bot.

How we are working

Project discussion

We get acquainted, ask questions, and prepare a brief. We agree on the preliminary scope of work, cost and terms.
Agreement with TOR

We prepare and agree on a detailed TOR with a study of the architecture and functionality of the site.


We are developing a prototype. If necessary, we adjust the structure as a whole and individual sections.


We are working on UI/UX, visualization of elements, color schemes, filling the prototype with test content.

Programming and Composition

We assemble the site, connect the necessary modules and services, create smart contracts, integrate into the blockchain

Project Handover

We carry out cross-browser testing and check functionality, and then launch the site. 

The benefits of working with us include:

  • Professional team. Our blockchain experts know how to create a functional product.
  • Customized solution. We customize the platform according to your requirements.
  • Selection of a personal strategy for creating a platform, implementation of an adaptive interface and basic functionality.
  • High level of security. When developing our solution, we care about the reliability and safety of your project.
  • Customizable user-friendly interface, understandable even for inexperienced users. We adapt the appearance of the platform to your corporate identity.
  • Built-in NFT wallet. The platform is integrated with multiple NFT wallets to manage and trade NFTs.
  • Support for a wide range of NFT standards.
  • Support 24/7. We provide comprehensive technical support at any time.
  • Compliance with development deadlines.
  • Fast entry to the market. 

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