IT outstaffing company in Ukraine - Boosty Labs
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Our goal is to contribute by boosting you success Boosty Outstaffing is your connection to a global network of technology stars whose insights will drive your creativity forward

Why boosty outstaffing

We believe that the power to make change is based on access to top quality professionals.

Our mission is to provide each client with an innovative perspective that comes from IT outstaffing solution that is easy to understand, transparent and reliable.

We use the SCRUM model in our work, which allows us to be fast and flexible and learn faster. SCRUM framework helps us to be involved and self-organized. We work in cross functional teams which combine professionals with different functional expertise working together.

Boosty Labs gives preference to T-Shaped professionals who combine broad vision with in-depth expertise. We use Objectives and key results (OKR) is a goal-setting framework which helps to sync our team using transparency and goal tree.

How does it work

Requirement gathering

Choosing most suitable candidacy profile from verified candidates

Interview with candidacy

Approving candidacy

Signing contract with Boosty Labs

Long term relationship and team extension

Master Service agreement

Master Service Agreements are created to manage and clarify long term service relationships. Our Master Service Agreements (MSA) offer additional valuable guarantees for Outstaffing.

Boosty Labs advantages


Advanced technologies

We are aware of advanced technologies in the niche needed by the client. In all industries we operate in, we can connect niche experts and find a rational method for solving problems

Making IT easier

Making IT-outstaffing understandable, transparent, reliable, and even educating for clients


American legit company (you do not risk entering into an agreement with a foreign company, you are sure that in case of legal issues you can go to an American court)

We are involved

Our team/candidates is interested in being fully involved in the clients’ project

Meet your future team

Which skills do you need?


Successful cases

We maintain close communication with an extensive network of global technology stars. Become our client and we share their expertise with you.
Companies like Vodafone Pay, QIWI, Tapland, Storj, PinBank and others (hyperlink to successful cases) already are working with Boosty Labs. All of that is compliant with fintech regulations and done under a strict SLA/MLA.