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Minting platform development

Minting is the process of creating a non-fungible token and “registering” it on the blockchain. To mint NFT, you need to pay a network fee. After that, information about the non-fungible token and its author is included in the blockchain. For a long time, the Boosty Labs company has been successfully providing outsource minting platform development services. We are a world-class fintech and cloud engineering team with a solid background of practice that combines consulting, strategy, design and engineering at scale.

NFT minting platform outsource development stages


Project discussion

Acquaintance, questions, preparation of a resume. Coordination of preliminary volumes of work, cost and terms.


Coordination of technical task

Preparation and coordination of detailed technical tasks and terms of reference with the study of the architecture and functionality of the site.



Development of a prototype: if necessary, the structure as a whole and individual sections are adjusted.



Development of UI/UX, visualization of elements, color schemes, filling the prototype with test content.


Layout and programming

Building a website, connecting the necessary modules and services, creating smart contracts and integrating them into the blockchain.


Project completion

Cross-browser functionality testing, website launch.

NFT minting platform/marketplace features

The basic set of modules

  • NFT minting;
  • registration through a digital wallet;
  • showcase;
  • buying NFT immediately or through an auction;
  • filters for searching and sorting;
  • tracking the current status of ads;
  • ratings of sellers and buyers;
  • support of contact forms.

User Features

  • non-fungible tokens minting;
  • viewing information on each exposed NFT;
  • sorting tokens;
  • search for tokens by certain criteria using filters;
  • buying tokens through direct sales and auctions;
  • keeping track of all the necessary information in your personal account;
  • receiving notifications about each stage of the transaction.

Earning opportunities

  • Creation, exchange and sale of one’s own collections of non-fungible tokens on the platform implies independence from intermediaries and conditions of third-party platforms.
  • Earning a percentage of the resales of NFTs you create.
  • Getting a percentage of NFT sales of other users on your site.
  • Getting paid for listing other people's NFTs on your platform.
  • Placing paid advertising is an additional source of income.
  • Integration of auctions into your platform: receiving commissions.

Non-fungible tokens or NFTs are digital assets, each one is unique. The format of such assets is universal. You can “wrap” a lot in it: from music tracks to exclusive photos and even real estate rights. The format helps to prove ownership of a digital object. To this end, information about the NFT and the owner of the token is entered into the blockchain.

Benefits of NFTs

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has increased interest in the digital realm and made people around the world more open to new technologies, including blockchain technologies and non-fungible tokens.
  • Large status companies turn to NFT trading.
  • NFT collectibles are guaranteed to be counterfeit-proof as their originality is secured on the blockchain.
  • The uniqueness and limited issuance of NFTs makes non-fungible tokens valuable collection items.
  • NFTs can be bought, sold and resold around the world, which greatly expands the pool of potential customers.
  • The code and metadata of a non-fungible token cannot be changed, it cannot “spoil” or “break”.
  • Part of the NFT may have additional useful features, such as entitlement to membership in a closed club or exchange for physical property.

The process of creating a token is often referred to as minting. NFT minting can be represented as the following steps:

  • Registration on the platform through the connection of a crypto wallet.
  • Creation of a separate non-fungible token or formation of a collection with NFT loaded into it.
  • Registration of a digital asset in the blockchain with the payment of a network commission.

To save on NFT minting, you should not register tokens during periods of increased network load.

NFT minting platforms will continue to gain popularity as NFTs grow as a new asset class in the crypto space.

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