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Affiliate marketing software development

We are an affiliate marketing software development company specializing also in blockchain outsource software development, outstaff development and tech consulting. For over ... years we have been offering the affiliate marketing software development services. With much expertise in the outsource software development for the affiliate marketing industry and a lot of understanding of this field we can transform your business and propel it to the next level.

The reasons for software development for the affiliate marketing industry


Communication is far from perfect and can be used for manipulation, hacked by hackers, etc.


Marketing campaign performance is very difficult to track.


High cost of audit campaigns.


Paying a contractor, freelancer, or other firm can be costly, time-consuming, and downright unsafe.


The current method of collecting data has caused a lot of outrage, launched online privacy companies and even some lawsuits.


Lack of transparency can make you vulnerable to fraud and other problems.


Communication is far from perfect and can be used for manipulation, hacked by hackers, etc.


Marketing campaign performance is very difficult to track.


High cost of audit campaigns.


Paying a contractor, freelancer, or other firm can be costly, time-consuming, and downright unsafe.


The current method of collecting data has caused a lot of outrage, launched online privacy companies and even some lawsuits.


Lack of transparency can make you vulnerable to fraud and other problems.

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The lack of ability to track the performance of your campaigns with built-in analytics tools.

Solution: the tracking platform allows you to track the performance of campaigns using built-in analytics tools; customize advertising campaigns and launch them accordingly, as well as to make payments to your partners and keep records of all advertising campaigns in one place.


Consumers are not using the website on the same device as they used to: most consumers now browse the Internet using a variety of devices such as mobile phones, desktops, laptops and tablets.

Solution: the innovative way of tracking between devices.


Many of the real-life affiliate programs are simplistic and don't provide significant amounts of data for either consumers or marketers.

Solution: Improving a referral plan.


Although targeting works well in context, especially if you're looking for a consumer based on their previous searches on the web, however, some people just pass by your ad.

Solution: technologies for predictive marketing.

Benefits of software development for the affiliate marketing industry

Helping to grow and optimize all the partnerships done by the company.

An affiliated marketing program that uses high end technology such as dynamic segmentation, and provides some key facilities such as decision making, tracking, user interaction and many more.

Maximizing the traffic and giving monetary benefits to the users

A software with a powerful flexible API that offers insights into how advertisers and marketers use their digital marketing budgets, and provides 24/7 support to users so that they can contact the support service whenever it is needed.

Enhancing partner performance

The unique AI-powered platform that enhances partner performance, and making program management easier.

Anti-fraud protection

The all-inclusive anti-fraud detection functionality enhances both the user’s ability to stop deceitful activity, and their visibility into potential fraud.

Enabling businesses to reward all the affiliates

A unique feature that enables businesses to reward all the affiliates who contribute in referring to a specific sale.

Digitalization trends in the affiliate marketing industry 

The approximate cost of the affiliate marketing sector is $ 12 billion, and by the end of 2021, according to experts, this figure will increase to $ 13-16 billion. This dynamics is justified: the statistics of the Hosting Tribunal service indicate that next year expenses on affiliate marketing will increase by 10%.

Affiliate marketing is on the rise, although trends and methods of driving traffic have evolved over time, especially after the coronavirus has significantly impacted our lifestyles. As more events move online, affiliate marketing is becoming more and more relevant.

Affiliate marketing is becoming more automated, so substantial income can be derived from SEO. For example, platforms like BrightEdge are able to generate 60% more traffic through SEO automation.

With affiliate marketing in 2021, it is more important to gain customer trust. Also, affiliate marketers should be more aware of seasonal trends and watch for trends. As more companies use consumer data to promote their products, seasonal advertising will go a long way.

Marketing trends are changing rapidly, and it is not always possible to foresee them. However, as 2020 has shown, a quick response to them largely determines the success of advertising promotion. For example, on the popular GrabOn platform, the offer of online courses has increased significantly in 2020 with the introduction of a quarantine regime. Only by searching for distance learning programs, the service managed to attract 210% more traffic.

Affiliate marketing is no longer limited to B2C campaigns - more B2B companies are launching their own affiliate programs. And in 2021, their popularity is expected to grow significantly. Affiliate programs for web hosting are especially profitable given their favorable terms and high payouts, which is why you should pay attention to them in the coming year.

In advertising, it is important to experiment, as not only trends change, but also people's perceptions. Therefore, in order to get high conversions, you need to keep up with the times. What will be relevant in 2021 according to experts?

Many experts point out the need to increase investment in social media. According to HootSuite's Social Trends 2021 study, 61% of marketers are looking to increase their investment on Instagram, 46% on Facebook, 45% on YouTube, and 44% on LinkedIn.

Instagram promotion specialist and author of The Instagram Ivy League course Alex Tubi states, “I predict that in 2021 even gyms and yoga studios will offer online lessons in a variety of formats, from free Instagram streams and Zoom sessions to live broadcasts on their own platforms. Many brands also benefit from e-commerce, but this was not the case for brick-and-mortar stores. This will change in 2021. As social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook successfully integrate shopping experiences, they will be the platform for customer acquisition for small and medium-sized retail businesses. ”

Tara Zirker, founder of Successful Ads Club and expert on social media advertising, emphasizes that advertising formats will become more diverse: “In 2021, Facebook (and Instagram) advertising will be more creative than ever before. There are three trends in Facebook advertising that advertisers will experiment with and succeed in 2021: GIF animations, user generated content, and collages. ”

Video advertising is becoming more and more popular and practical every year. Salma Jafri, a video ad expert, says of YouTube advertising promotion: “As YouTube attracts more niche businesses, it is becoming more personality-driven. This means that in order to attract a loyal audience, you need to demonstrate unique personal qualities, style and everything that distinguishes you and your product from competitors with the help of content. "

The pandemic has had a significant impact on consumer behavior. The changes that followed it are largely irreversible – companies are unlikely to abandon the option of providing remote services, and over the past year, people have managed to form new consumer habits. In this regard, Josh Braaten of marketing agency Brandata notes the importance of timely response to changes in consumer behavior: "Feedback in the form of surveys, testing and quizzes will help determine whether changes in behavior are temporary or permanent." Based on this, in 2021 it will be necessary to use this data for the timely correction of promotion strategies.

The next key trend in 2021 is increasing email marketing personalization. Natalie Jackson of emfluence Marketing Platform notes: “Email is so reliable that almost every day is Cyber ​​Monday. So my guess is that users will receive more promotional emails in 2021. But to get their attention, you need to double down on personalization and make sure you send emails that are timely, personalized, and responsive to the customer's needs. "

Marketing personalization will not only attract customers, but also increase their loyalty –  80% of users confirmed that they are more likely to do business with a company that offers a personalized approach. What else will help you win a loyal audience in 2021? This will be the year of storytelling, says KindredSpeak marketer Sarah Panus: “A sense of belonging is the fastest way to connect with your audience. Storytelling works best in this regard. From my own experience, I was convinced that it helps to improve the results by 7 times, as it builds trust and stimulates sales growth. This is why brands will invest more in storytelling in 2021.”

What niches will be popular?

Online learning

The concept of online learning has always been present, but the events of 2020 made it clear how important this trend is. More than half of the population - adults, children and students - were in quarantine, and everyone had an urgent need to spend more time on the Internet.

Today, more and more people are looking for ways to fulfill their daily responsibilities and needs, such as work and education. And now online platforms are increasingly being used for this. It is not worth expecting the disappearance of this trend after the end of quarantine  – many people have firmly realized all the advantages of the remote work format and have tried online training. Therefore, affiliate programs offering online courses will be one of the most promising options in terms of advertising promotion in 2021.

Work from home

Over the past year, the labor market has changed: many have begun to give preference to distance employment and freelancing. Therefore, platforms that offer relevant jobs in the field of work from home, as well as freelance exchanges, are included in the list of the most promising areas of affiliate marketing in 2021.

This niche covers a wide range of affiliate programs: job search services, resume writing, applications for remote work – just a part of it. It also includes a variety of proposals for creating a comfortable working environment – delivery services, cyber security software, digital tools, etc.


Online shopping is one of those niches that never seems to lose its relevance. However, when betting on affiliate programs of online stores, it is necessary to give preference to those that offer products that are relevant in these conditions. For example, clothing and accessories from brands are still a must for most users, but camping and tourism products are not the best option.

Web Hosting

Web hosting is one of the most popular category of affiliate marketing. Every site needs hosting, so this niche has high potential. Why should you pay attention to it in 2021? First, because people rarely move from one hosting provider to another, customer retention rates remain very high. Secondly, this niche is attractive due to high commission payments and favorable conditions for partners.

However, when it comes to choosing the best web hosting affiliate program, it is not advisable to go for the one with the highest payouts. Reliability, resource quality and program conditions are much more important here.

Effective advertising promotion and lead generation

Over the past year, lead generation and advertising strategies have become of great importance: if earlier you could rely on several proven channels, then in 2021 it is recommended to cover as many formats as possible and experiment with strategies. What should you pay attention to?


Content marketing on blogs is a cost-effective method by which you can drive quality traffic to your website and gain a loyal audience. Blogs provide an excellent opportunity to show your expertise in a specific area: any article that talks about solving a user problem will grab their attention.

Blogs are a great place for native content, which we talked about above: they allow you to recommend, not to impose; attract customers through useful information, not advertising. Why is it worth turning to this method of promotion in 2021? People tend to buy what they trust: they don't believe ads, but trust other people – experts – and constructive solutions.


Clients are eager to partner with a business that is able to effectively solve their problems. Cases are a good way to demonstrate your expertise and reliability. And it is also an excellent advertising channel that can provide you with quality targeted traffic.

When potential customers study your case studies, they will trust your brand and are more likely to give preference to it when it comes to purchasing specific products or services. Case studies complemented by case studies can help you uncover brand value and build audience loyalty.


Webinars are an effective tool for attracting target audience. They also help build brand loyalty from existing customers. 73% of marketers prefer this advertising method when it comes to attracting new customers.

It is recommended that you schedule your webinar at least three weeks in advance, as well as properly cover it – make a preview on social media, partner blog posts, launch an email newsletter, etc. This is due to the fact that about 46% of participants apply for participation less than a week before the event.

By sharing your experience in this format, you can get contact details of potential customers and connect with them later to expand your sales funnel.

Video content

One of the most relevant types of advertising in 2021 will be video - 2020 has shown that it is a more effective tool for driving traffic than traditional advertising. A study by Wyzowl shows that more than 72% of people want to know about new products through videos. Plus, visitors are more likely to remember a call to action and respond to it within the video format  – about 84% of customers tend to buy something after they've watched a video.

In 2021, the use of video ads will move to the next level: content creators will be more inclined to reach out to brands before filming a video. Bloggers will be looking to partner with brands as the strategy of combining affiliate marketing and blogging has proven to work and be profitable for both parties.


Formats such as blog articles, infographics, guides, and videos do not always allow you to capture all the relevant information on a particular topic. Sometimes users are interested in a detailed study of a specific issue, and not everyone will want to spend time searching for each article on the desired topic in your blog. This is why content marketing via e-books will become more common in 2021.

This method of promotion can simultaneously bring high-quality leads and build trust in the brand, because it is generally believed that only specialists with deep knowledge in a particular field can write a book. Many content sites offer their users access to an e-book on a topic of interest to them by subscribing to a newsletter from the service. The book can combine all the articles in your blog on a separate issue: firstly, it is convenient, and, secondly, it allows you to collect email addresses for advertising mailing.


Podcasts have become an integral part of everyday life, people are used to listening to them while doing routine things. So why not make them part of your promotion strategy? This is exactly what should be expected in 2021.

According to a study by Music Oomph, nearly a third of those between the ages of 25 and 34 listen to podcasts. About 700,000 business pages on Facebook already use podcasts for promotion purposes. Compared to other content marketing tools, podcasts are not as popular yet, but at the same time, they help to easily gain popularity and stand out from the competition.

Since podcasts are most often mobile-friendly, this opens up great opportunities for driving mobile traffic.


Email marketing is a cost-effective way to drive traffic with a high ROI. The open rate for the first email from a brand can be as high as 82%. Therefore, in 2021 they will not lose their relevance.

Triggered emails are a great lead magnet that allows you to get quality leads and expand your sales funnel. For online stores, this method of promotion is especially relevant – sending three letters about an abandoned cart leads to an increase in orders by 69%.

Moreover, mailings can be combined with other types of advertising, for example, by integrating video into them – the CTR in this case can increase up to 300%. According to data from Statista, 49% of those surveyed said they would like to receive promotional emails from their favorite brands, so newsletters are a good way to get the word out.

The world of marketing is diverse, and is developing dynamically as never before – 2020 made it clear that trends can change very quickly, and what was relevant yesterday may lose popularity today. Some trends can catch you off guard, so in 2021, you need to be more careful in planning your advertising campaigns and choose your affiliate programs carefully.

Here are some tips to help you succeed in affiliate marketing in 2021:

  • It is necessary to monitor seasonal trends and take into account the current demand;
  •  Affiliate marketing automation will significantly increase the chances of profit;
  • Regular monitoring and analysis of market trends will protect against unforeseen market fluctuations;
  • Investing in a wide variety of niches will provide you with a reserve that you can rely on in case some affiliate programs turn out to be less profitable or lose their relevance;
  • Short term viral trends will help you make good profits in a short time.

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