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Casino software development

An online casino is a website on the Internet or a program that allows you to gamble over the Internet. The development of gambling makes this trend very promising for business. For several years, the Boosty Labs team has been successfully involved in outsource casino software development. We are a world-class fintech and cloud engineering team with a solid background of practice that combines consulting, strategy, design and engineering at scale.

Benefits of casino software development service implementation



In order to play at online casinos, the user needs the Internet and a personal computer or any other device – many sites fully work on almost all modern devices.



To use the services of an online casino, you do not need to leave your own home. The sites are available anywhere in the world and at any time of the day.


Free play

Most online casinos offer their customers the opportunity to try their luck on a wide variety of slots without the slightest financial investment. Thanks to this, there is a unique chance to understand their intricacies, and only later use the knowledge gained in paid games.



Online gambling establishments often offer their customers various rewards, which either increase the winnings, or give the opportunity to make free moves.

Principles of choosing software for online casinos

Gaming platform

Gaming platform is software that ensures the quality and functionality of an online casino. The development and success of the casino software development company work largely depends on the reliability and capabilities provided by the platform. Therefore, great care should be taken when choosing a platform developer. It is recommended to choose good, well-known, proven companies that have established themselves in the gambling world. When choosing, you should pay attention to the possibility of integrating the platform software with any gaming and payment software. This will allow you to effectively develop and attract players with the quality of the offer.

Game software

Gaming software is a key factor in attracting players. Today, gambling enthusiasts have a fairly large selection on the network, and against the background of the existing competition, only high-quality gaming content can attract visitors to your casino. You should pay attention to high quality and realistic graphics; high-quality soundtrack; a wide range of games of various themes – from classic slot machines, roulettes and card games to modern slots with bonuses and additional mini-games inside; the possibility of updating and regular replenishment with new products.

Payment systems

Payment systems are the most controlled and regulated direction of the created software, which, to a certain extent, makes the choice easier. The main thing that you should be guided by when choosing payment software is the relevance of payment systems for users of the region you have chosen for work.

Online casinos are special websites or programs that enable Internet users to take part in gambling. Modern sites do not always offer to play for money: some web portals play with non-existent virtual currencies (we are talking about social casinos), that is, the game process takes place without financial intervention.

Origin of online casinos 

The first slot machine, created in 1895 by Charles Fey, was originally installed at his San Francisco auto shop to help customers pass the time while their cars are being repaired. The device quickly gained popularity, in connection with which casino operators became interested in it and subsequently began to place it at their facilities in order to diversify the leisure of players who are busy with board games.

By no means all online sites comply with the principles of fair play and protect their players. Therefore, in international practice, say, in the UK, only certified and authorized online casinos are available to players. Such resources ensure that all transactions are handled fairly.

The principles of operation

The principles of operation of any gambling establishment operating on the Internet are as follows:

  • The gaming web resource operates on software developed by gambling software companies.
  • Game processes most often take place on manufacturers' servers. The creators control the uninterrupted operation of the software and they themselves carry out the configuration and control of the correct operation of the software. Games of one creator, which are hosted on different sites, are combined into a single network. Thus, the jackpot is formed from the bets of players in various casinos.
  • The casino site where the participant is registered is controlled by the operator. The operator's responsibilities include, among other things, to carry out operations for depositing and withdrawing funds, attracting new customers, developing and providing bonus promotions and tournaments, advising users on all sorts of issues, providing technical support and much more.
  • A partnership agreement is drawn up between the operator and the founder of the software. The manufacturer monitors the correctness of its software and controls that there are no cheating customers on the gambling site.
  • The casino software is checked from time to time by independent companies. Good web resources always provide information on when and by whom the checks were carried out. This is the guarantee of a quality online casino.

Online casino operation

Online casinos offer to play the same games of chance as in classic gambling establishments (slot machines, table games). But during a real game, the probability of winning or losing will depend on many factors: the initial position of the cards, the method and intensity of the shuffle, the number of players at the table, and others.

In online casinos, the result of the game is generated by means of a random number generator integrated into the device. At the moment when the participant activates the "Spin" key on the slot machine, the program takes a sequence of numbers from the generator and displays it in the results of the gaming round.

As for the organization of online casinos work: unlike land-based gambling establishments, which usually operate from 3-4 days to 5-6 in the morning, online casinos work around the clock.

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