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Forex trading software development

We are a forex trading software development company specializing also in blockchain outsource software development, outstaff development and tech consulting. For over ... years we have been offering the forex trading software development services. With much expertise in the outsource software development for the forex trading industry and a lot of understanding of this field we can transform your business and propel it to the next level.

The reasons for software development for the forex trading industry


Risks associated with unfair broker behavior.


High competition among brokers in the forex market.


Poor server work.


Lack or poor work of technical support.


Interruption of the connection at the time of concluding a deal or performing another trade operation.


Risks associated with unfair broker behavior.


High competition among brokers in the forex market.


Poor server work.


Lack or poor work of technical support.


Interruption of the connection at the time of concluding a deal or performing another trade operation.

Application of blockchain technologies in the forex trading industry

Why Forex needs a blockchain

According to financial services firm American Express, blockchain in the Forex market can simplify payment netting as well as provide significant savings for financial institutions by improving the efficiency of money flow and reducing manual intervention.

The point is that when two parties enter into a foreign exchange contract, whether spot or forward, they agree to exchange the two currencies on the agreed date. And each of the parties must pay the full amount.

But if two parties trade frequently – for example, banks involved in creating the foreign exchange market, they can enter into multiple foreign exchange contracts maturing on the same day, and the contracts can be in both directions, offsetting each other.

Since, on average, each transaction is made for several million dollars, then the fulfillment of each such contract would mean that the banks make large payments to each other for no purpose. Instead, banks summarize the contracts due each day and only pay the difference to the friend. This process is known as "netting payments" or "netting payments".

The blockchain makes these netting processes transparent and allows them to be automated. In addition, thanks to the decentralization of the forex market, small traders and startups can get the opportunity to exchange currencies on an equal basis with other participants without resorting to the services of central banks, which in turn can change the landscape of the industry.

Software development services for the forex trading industry


Slow business development and small trading volumes

Solution: An advanced social trading system that allows clients to build their investment strategy based on a combination of successful traders' trading performance, technical analysis and market trends.


The need to manage investments and attract leading investment managers and their investors

Percentage distribution management module is an advanced solution with an intuitive web interface. Advanced investment management functionality helps to attract highly qualified managers and investors.


The need for risk management

A solution with advanced transaction execution functionality, smart liquidity aggregation and a risk management module.


The need for integration and expansion

A solution that allows you to combine various trading platforms, sites, CRM systems.

Benefits of software development for the forex trading industry

Liquidity, work with quotes

Our solution allows not only organizing an STP broker or minimizing risks by overlapping certain groups of clients, but also effectively managing the streams of quotes on the server.

Asset management and copiers

Solutions that can be used to offer customers various PAMM and signal delivery services.

Efficient risk management

Solutions for organizing all-sided risk management.

Reporting and internal audit

Solutions for submitting reports to regulators, as well as conducting internal audits.

Automation of routine tasks

Solutions for automating routine tasks of a broker, such as updating swaps and writing off brokerage commissions, changing settings for groups and accounts, organizing a dynamic model of margin lending.

Digitalization trends in the forex trading industry

The Forex market is one of the most volatile in the world. The increased volatility creates unlimited opportunities for traders to help them catch trends and therefore maximize their chances of success.

Meanwhile, tools such as news and market sentiment analysis can improve the bottom line and can be one of the factors that will make your brokerage company stand out from the competition.

It is well known that understanding market dynamics and correctly predicting future movements requires traders to actively search for news on a daily basis.

New tools that are in demand by forex brokers around the world are natural language processing (NLP), artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML).

These are simple yet effective concepts that allow brokers to expand their target audience and deliver personalized content to clients.

What is natural language processing?

The adoption of big data has impacted the way brokers communicate with new and existing clients, offering them a unique experience tailored to the needs of each trader.

In addition, traders often draw erroneous conclusions from data presented in the form of graphs and charts, if they are not accompanied by explanations.

AI and NLP will help with this. Artificial intelligence, combined with deep machine learning and natural language processing, allows brokers to meet the needs of traders, without much labor, time and financial costs.

Forex brokers are quite often overwhelmed by the need to maintain many forms of communication and provide all the necessary materials in a timely manner.

Given the importance of personalized and timely preparation and dissemination of market news and sentiment analytics, AI and NLP have radically changed and simplified the entire customer experience.

Automated algorithms now process unnecessary information that investors don't need and generate powerful yet simple ideas that help them in their decision-making process.

Trading Central Labs' artificial intelligence model called "Felix" reads millions of news and articles collected from the Internet and social media, providing traders with relevant information, enabling them to make informed trading decisions.

The applications of AI and NLP are limitless and can be used to communicate with customers across a wide range of marketing channels, as well as to both retain and attract leads.

For example, using market sentiment or news snippets in ads can potentially increase the relevance of campaigns and grab audience attention.

Why use news and sentiment analysis tools?

With so much content published across multiple sources, forex traders are faced with a problem that can, in fact, confuse them. At the same time, they need reliable sources of information.

Quite often, we also see conflicting information from different sources. In addition, the manual process of combining information is a laborious process that often results in traders missing out on profitable opportunities.

In essence, news and sentiment analysis tools allow traders to:

  • Read less but know more;
  • Access insights;
  • Trade more actively;
  • Increase your chances of success.

In the context of aggregating content and news, when trading, it is also important to understand the collective relationship to the specific instruments that your traders are going to trade.

Investors analyze economic indicators, price dynamics, fundamentals and technical indicators on a daily basis, but understanding crowd sentiment is what will tie all the elements together and increase their chances of success.

Through the use of NLP tools, it is possible to revolutionize the approach and modernize the work with news by viewing reliable sources, content and thousands of blogs, channels, social networks in order to determine the mood of the crowd in relation to a particular tool.

In an ever-changing market, being able to offer traders a reliable market analysis tool that will help them make informed trading decisions will be a determining factor in their success and thus increase their life value to a broker.

Modern technologies offer Forex brokers the ability to instantly communicate with their target audience, providing them with access to the latest news and analytics at the click of a button.

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