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Jupiter Group

One of our clients is Jupiter Group. Jupiter Group is the leader in art and tech integration, creating, distributing and monetizing NFTs, which represent digital and real-world assets including artwork, collectibles, and other items.


The company’s mission is to unlock new revenue streams for artists, institutions, and brands, in perpetuity, empowering them with NFT technology.


Visual artist MRE (pronounced ‘Mystery’) is best known for his distinct style of motion, exploring themes that blur reality and the surreal.

He is also known for brand collaborations – and his client list has also included the likes of Sony, Selfridges & Co, Lacoste and Creed.

In partnership with a renowned NFT artist MRE they created the Poligoonz Collective NFT.



The Poligoonz Collective is a generative drop of 10,000 NFTs

Poligoonz is a collection of avatars that celebrates the individuality and style of humanity. 3D elements bring these polygonal avatars to life. They are then customized with a wide array of colors and accessories that allow the collector to express themselves in unique and creative ways.

Each Goon is unique and programmatically generated from over a multitude of possible traits including the original Goon bust, hats, clothing, accessories, and more.

All of the Poligoonz feature elements from MRE’s work, as well as newly created features and assets. Each avatar is truly one of a kind. However, some are rarer than others based on the algorithm generated when the avatar is mined.


List of services rendered

Boosty Labs team has developed a website for Poligoonz, a smart contract and 10 thousand unique pictures with different characters. The MRE drew the main elements – a face, chains, earrings, caps, glasses, from which we generated pictures.
We also helped them with the launch of Poligoonz NFT-sale, which took place on December 22nd.
We added OpenSea support to the smart contract, so this collection immediately became available on this marketplace.

Currently, our cooperation continues.