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Stoop Is A Multifamily Investment And Operating Company That Innovates The Resident Experience Via Turn-Key, On-Demand Bedroom, Residences And Micro Residences. Stoop Was Founded In January 2017. The Company Is Based In New York, NY, USA.

The platform invests capital to acquire and develop multifamily assets in urban areas focused on higher density living, generating outsized risk-adjusted returns historically superior to its asset class. Stoop seeks assets just below the typical institutional threshold, focusing on value add improvements behind it's operating model

Stoop was engineered to serve a broad part of the market from students to young professionals, among the high-growth TAMI and urban economies, providing a product that answers all the needs the urban living carries with it.

As cities continue to become more expensive a large market exists to cater to the aspirational Gen Z and Millennials (18 – 34) who are seeking effortless and aspirational luxury living at affordable prices.

Market pricing for a micro unit or bedroom 10% – 20% below what a comparable studio or 1 bedroom might cost in the neighborhood

The Stoop believes that prices will continue to rise over time, necessitating denser buildings that provide greater amenities in the building, with smaller residential footprints. Office work will be done not only among peers, but on a more flexible schedule and often from the comfort of one's own home. The home will expand beyond private space to buildings that offer a flow of private and public zones.

List of services rendered

The Boosty Labs team developed an admin panel for Stoop and redesigned the Stoop website.

Duration of cooperation

The collaboration lasted three months.

Technologies / platforms used

In development, Boosty Labs used Angular and Google APIs.