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Orakuru is the first independent decentralized oracle on the Binance Smart Chain.

Oracles are guides/third party services linking external data sources and the blockchain. They provide smart contracts with a link to information outside the blockchain, i.e. act as a bridge between a particular network and the outside world.

For example, a decentralized exchange wants to start trading forex pairs: dollar / pound, etc. But if you just run a crypto-dollar and a crypto-pound into the liquidity pool, it is quite possible that at some point the price of the dollar will be equal to two pounds, or vice versa.
Accordingly, speculators, arbitrageurs may appear and rob the pool by such speculations on the fact that the price is unbalanced. In such situations, the oracle helps. It provides up-to-date data on real prices in real markets, and the smart contract understands that the price cannot be higher or lower than a certain level.
Thus, the oracle is a very useful tool for DeFi applications that need data from the real world.


Depending on the principle of operation, several types of oracles are distinguished:

Human oracles

Human oracles are people who manually validate data and submit it to a smart contract;

Incoming or outgoing oracles

Incoming or outgoing oracles are those that either transmit information to smart contracts or to external sources from smart contracts. Oracles can also be hybrid.


Designed for one specific smart contract. Such oracles cannot be applied to other smart contracts. This may be due to the mechanism of individual smart contracts.

Centralized or decentralized oracles

Run by a single company or community. Everything is clear here: decentralized oracles neutralize the risk of third-party interference.

Orakuru aims to expand the capabilities of the Binance Smart Chain network by delivering accurate and timely data that is critical when operating on the blockchain.

It is important to understand that the networks today lack decentralized, community-driven oracles. This is especially true for BSC. The Orakuru team strives to fill this gap and sets its main task to eliminate the risk of transmitting false information in the blockchain, which is impossible without the presence of many oracles on the network.

Orakuru includes a number of unique features that make the project stand out from the crowd.

A completely decentralized platform that aims to create a large number of oracles and helps to minimize the likelihood of transmitting incorrect data on the blockchain.
It is one of the first oracles on the Binance Smart Chain, and will allow Orakuru to go live and, as a pioneer, grow widely in the rapidly growing number of DeFi applications on BSC.
Decentralization will allow ORK token holders to participate in various decision-making processes related to the development of the network.

Boosty Labs’ Cooperation With oracle

When Binance Smart Chain was just starting to gain traction, the Orakuru team drew attention to the fact that there are no good oracle offerings on the market. There was an effective Chainlink tool, but it didn't work on Binance Smart Chain, and the Orakuru team saw the opportunity and decided to launch their oracle. They held a token sale, raised funds, started development and assembled a strong team.
However, they needed help from teams as efficient as ours, with rich industry experience. Orakuru had strong developers of their own, but they needed to bring order to their software development. Accordingly, we first provided them with product management support.

Initially, it was about setting up processes, setting standards, planning and other activities aimed at achieving synergy between the two teams. Recently, one of our specialists started working for them full-time. Now we are looking for a specialist not only in programming, but also in mathematics and physics, for Orakuru, who will be engaged in research work. With the appearance of such a specialist, we will finally form a technical team for the further development of the Orakuru oracle.

It is already built and works based on the Go programming language. Front-end is styled in Ujs (separate elements) and React. Smart-contracts are written in the Solidity language. It is noteworthy that the Orakuru team is completely anonymous. Even the founder we interact with is named zx spa. The project team consists of 16 people.

Orakuru is currently at the stage of development and marketing roadmap. An alpha version of the network will launch by Q2 2021 with real-time price aggregators and data streams for multiple markets. By the end of 2021, Orakuru should exit the beta stage with decentralized connection of new validators and the Orakutu system enabled.