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Babylon.js development

Babylon.js is a simple and efficient WebGL based 3D graphics engine. Boosty Labs is the largest Babylon.js development outsourcing company in Europe. Its world-class fintech and cloud engineering team has a solid background of practice that combines consulting, strategy, design and engineering at scale. You can hire our Babylon.js developers who are qualified to help with Babylon.js development services.


Key Interactive Tools


The developer experimental playground includes a code editor, a canvas for displaying results, and code samples for you to experiment with.


The platform for artists allows you to move the exported results from 3D studios to it and see how the scene looks in the browser. The platform provides you with debugging tools and additional optimization tools.


CYOS allows developers to create their own shaders in real time. There are also shaders available as examples for experimentation and learning.

Language Advantages


A minimalistic site that provides real-time rendering capabilities and contains all the necessary documentation of related tools.

Code Editor Integration

There is an active integration of the code editor, which allows you to quickly get acquainted with the capabilities of the program and offers several options for learning, but in a non-linear way.


The framework uses TypeScript, which correctly implements strongly typed programming. It is a superset of JavaScript that builds on its strengths.

Convenient Syntax

The syntax is optimized for the scene graph. This gives a clear understanding of what you are creating, and also allows you to imagine where in the scene graph the object being created is located.

Babylon.js is an open source project hosted on GitHab with its own website containing many examples and extensive documentation.  From the moment it appeared on GitHab, it has been actively developed to this day. It has created a large number of functions with numerous parameters for greater flexibility. The TypeScript language helps develop more efficient and maintainable applications through typing and OOP.

The popularity of TypeScript is due to the fact that it not only fully supports JavaScript, but also compiles to it when it is executed. This allows full backward compatibility of the two languages. Thanks to this, TypeScript is actively used on projects where the code base is written in JavaScript.  

TypeScript implements full-fledged object-oriented programming (OOP), supporting different concepts: classes, interfaces, inheritance, and more. This makes it easier to create well-organized, scalable code, making TypeScript a great choice for growing projects.

IDEs usually have additional features such as code navigation and auto-completion to make it easier to write code. Also, many editors themselves note errors and offer corrections for them. This helps to write code quickly and increases the speed of the programmer.

You can write in TypeScript in any editor that supports it, like WebStorm, VSC, Eclipse or Atom. There are no restrictions on the development environment.

Refactoring is an important part of a programmer's job. TypeScript makes this process easy.
Since the IDE interacts well with code written in TypeScript, the programmer has useful tools for navigating inside the code. In addition, many errors are noticed automatically. If a programmer renames a function, they may forget to change its name somewhere in the code. TypeScript will warn you about this. 
Babylon.js can be used to create interactive presentations, virtual reality applications, games, and complex architecture simulations. It has a large community of developers, thanks to which the base of user code fragments of tutorials is constantly updated, as well as extensions that increase the functionality of the program.

Babylon.js is heavily used by the Devla Metaverse project. 20 out of 60 project developers who can develop on the Babylon.js platform for Metaverse. The project team started with software development and moved to blockchain due to the founder's interest in cryptography. According to him, Babylon.js is the framework in which the future of the metaverse lies. Game engines are limited in terms of graphics loading speed, and the only way to achieve high loading speeds is to use Babylon.js. The creators of the project believe that the framework allows you to integrate real business into the metaverse.

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