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Xamarin development

Xamarin belongs to the category of relatively new tools based on the principles of Microsoft technologies. Using outsource Xamarin development, it is possible to create almost any mobile app.


Benefits of Using Xamarin Development Software


One technology stack for development on all platforms

Xamarin uses the C# language and .NET Framework to create apps for any mobile platform. Thus, you can hire a Xamarin developer to reuse up to 30% of your source code, accelerating the development process. Xamarin also does not require switching between development environments. All Xamarin apps can be created using VisualStudio tools. Cross-platform development tools are provided as a built-in part of IDE at no extra cost.


Performance is close to native

A cross-platform app created with Xamarin can be classified as native, unlike conventional hybrid web-based solutions. Performance metrics are comparable to those of Java for Android and Objective-C or Swift for iOS app development. Moreover, Xamarin’s performance metrics are being continuously improved and refined to fully meet the standards of native development.


Own user experience

Using platform-dependent UI elements, Xamarin allows creating an interface. For a more seamless UI development, it is recommended to use Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android separately. This ensures better results.


Full hardware support

Xamarin eliminates all hardware compatibility issues by using plugins and various APIs to handle common device functions in all platforms. Along with access to platform-specificities  APIs, Xamarin can be linked to platform-specific native libraries. This enables finer tuning and supporting platform-specific native layer functionality with little overhead.


Open-source technology with corporate support

Xamarin SDK, including libraries and command line tools, has become open and available to everyone under the MIT license as part of VisualStudio. In addition, led by Microsoft and supported by Unity, JetBrains, RedHat and .NET Foundation, Xamarin has become a robust and powerful technology stack for mobile app development.


Easy support

Thanks to the cross-platform nature of Xamarin, engaging a dedicated Xamarin developer can simplify software support and updates. You can simply make changes to a single source file, and they will apply to both iOS and Android apps. But this only relates to apps that use common business logic, as well as common code for Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android apps. This helps you save your time and money while keeping your apps up and running.


Complete development ecosystem

Xamarin comes in one package with a full package of development tools: its own IDE system (VisualStudio), Xamarin SDK, testing (XamarinTestCloud), distribution and analytics (HockeyappandXamarin.Insights). So there's no need to invest in additional tools or integrate other apps to build, test and deploy your Xamarin apps.

Features of Xamarin Development Outsourcing

Own user interfaces

The user interfaces of apps created by Xamarind development companies contain standard native controls. Not only do the apps look familiar to users, but they also work predictably.

Access to own APIs

Apps created with Xamarin have access to all features provided by the underlying platform and device, including platform-dependent features such as ARKit and Android’s multi-window mode.

Machine code performance

Apps developed with Xamarin take advantage of the platform’s hardware acceleration features and compile to provide machine code performance. This cannot be achieved if the code is interpreted at the time of execution.

Xamarin is a modern cross-platform C# mobile app development framework for iOS, Android and Windows devices.

American company Xamarin was founded in 2011. Its developers adapted the .NET Framework platform, originally designed to work with Microsoft Windows, for other mobile platforms. In 2016, the company was bought by Microsoft and the toolkit became free.
It is aimed at developers who:

  • want to reuse code, tests and business logic across platforms;
  • write cross-platform applications in C#.

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