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PHP development

PHP is one of the main backend languages. The first release appeared in the summer of 1995, but this technology is still widely used by dedicated PHP developers. And it is applied in projects of all scales, including with the giants such as Facebook, Yahoo!, Wikipedia, Blablacar, TED, YouTube, Tumblr and Flickr. In fact, it’s hard to find a site that doesn’t use this language.


Advantages of PHP development outsourcing


Low development costs

PHP has an open-source code and is distributed under the GPL license. PHP development software allows developing prototypes and template sites quite quickly. A large community of programmers work with PHP and share their experiences, while supporting developers and providing a large amount of useful and freely accessible documentation, instructions and manuals for PHP programming, templates and examples, as well as scripts and software in PHP.


Quick development of Agile web apps

Using PHP frameworks enables creating web apps within the shortest terms. It also makes applications scalable and easy to maintain, allowing them to evolve over time. Here’s a list of the best PHP frameworks our PHP development company uses for this purpose: Laravel, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Symphony, ZendFramework 2 and Yii.


Cross-platform nature

PHP is compatible with most operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Solaris, Mac OSX, etc. It also supports all servers with the highest number of installations (Apache, IIS, iPlanet, etc.).


Support of sites for any type of business

A business application or a PHP-based website, large or small, can be easily developed with limited amounts of time and funding. More advanced PHP programming involves creating CRM solutions, online stores, websites with databases, etc.
Hire a PHP developer to create a user-friendly website and attract a quality audience to it, which will eventually lead to higher return on investment (ROI).


Easy expansion of website functionality

Functionality of your website can be easily expanded thanks to numerous add-ons and libraries that are freely accessible on the internet. It is also easy to add custom add-ons created by PHP developers.


Code transparency

PHP code is simple and relatively easy to understand (provided it is written competently). And this means that it is also easy to introduce changes and innovations to it.


Large and active community

You can find tons of PHP documentation and manuals and get support if you need it.

The main differences between PHP development and other programming languages

This is a mature programming language. In its 25 years of existence, it has created a large community of dedicated PHP developers and an ecosystem of technologies and tools that serve many purposes.

Widespread content management systems

For a start, the most popular content management systems are written on the basis of PHP: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. These platforms alone are evolving digital products with a wide range of embedded and third-party plugins. Such CMS-systems are well suited for standard tasks - for creating online stores, news portals and corporate sites.

These packaged solutions include all of the most common scenarios of a website and are suitable for many small business owners. Due to this fact, demand for development and support of out-of-the-box websites is high and does not require involvement of highly skilled developers, since the core of CMS undertakes the most complicated operations and superficial knowledge is enough for implementation of additional functions.

Rich ecosystem of frameworks and libraries

On the other hand, this programming language also is widely used to develop non-standard web services with complex business logic and functionality. No packaged solutions will suit this need. Therefore, the programmer should be able to use complex tools: frameworks and libraries.

There are two leading frameworks for web apps: Symfony and Laravel. Other, not so modern tools such as Yii, ZendFramework and CodeIgniter also are used in PHP development outsourcing. In addition to frameworks, there are a lot of available libraries, utilities and full-fledged services that make it easy to configure administration panels, integrate third-party systems and perform other tasks.

Uncomplicated project hosting

In addition to CMS and frameworks, the advantage of PHP as a server language lies in the ease of configuring the infrastructures. For example, applications written in it are supported by default by most virtual hosting companies. Moreover, thanks to the popularity of CMS, the technological stack of which is well tested, placing the project on the shared-server often does not require additional settings.

Of course, such hosting is full of drawbacks and imposes a number of limitations, which is why real professionals set up their own server and DevOps for development and production. The advantages of outsource PHP development include receiving support of various cloud services, such as AWS Lambda. Thus, the apps can be easily scaled up.

A wide choice of databases

PHP allows working with many databases: MySQL, mSQL, MS-SQL, SQLite and PostgreSQL. It is also compatible with ElasticSearch, Redis, MongoDB and other non-relational databases. Thus, the developers are not limited to using a particular DBMS and are free to choose the most suitable technology considering all factors.

Regular updates and support

The core development team releases updates annually, so rumors about waning popularity of this language are baseless. It should be said that not every release was successful. For example, version 6 never has never been released at all, while transition from 5.4 to 7.0 was painful because of the differences between the versions. But the last four years have shown that these problems are over.- Now, updates are not so global and inherit more features from other languages and are released more frequently. This motivates outsource PHP development companies to keep up with the trends. For example, the upcoming release will offer multi-threading of operations, which is comparable in importance to the introduction of OOP support in version 5.

Why choosing outsource PHP development

As we have already mentioned, there is a huge community formed around the technology. On  one hand, it may seem an advantage - the increased competition restrains the level of wages in the market, which eventually reduces the cost of development. But in fact, the situation is more complicated.

PHP has a very low threshold of entry. It is well documented open-source technology with numerous training courses and freely accessible manuals. It is much easier to start programming with it than with Python, for example. But complex tasks require the same level of knowledge and skills as the alternative languages. So if you want to hire a PHP developer and start looking for an employee to join your staff, you’ll quickly face the problem of selecting real professionals. Many developers tend to work only with popular CMSs and don’t have enough experience for custom solutions.

PHP development outsourcing will help you forget about the problems of hiring full-time employees. Within the production companies, as a rule, there are middle and senior developers who participated in the creation of numerous projects and therefore know how to select the best solutions and work in a dedicated project team.

Custom development in PHP allows distributing the financial load smoothly at all production stages. At the beginning of the project, when architecture should be designed and appropriate technology should be selected, you need experienced developers, whose services are expensive. With that said,in the process of creation and support, you can use mid-level professionals to save the budget, without compromising the project quality.

Also, the development of digital ecosystems often requires simultaneous execution of multiple tasks, not all of which can be handled with PHP. For example, for complex mathematical calculations and calculation of statistics, it is better to choose Python. The technology stack of outsourced production is not limited to one programming language, which means that you will be helped to properly design a microservice architecture that will combine several programming languages for different purposes.

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