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.Net development

Hire .Net developers, architects and analysts with vast experience in implementing projects in various industries can easily cope with the most complex challenges.


Features and use of .Net



The .NET platform is a development and property of Microsoft, but it has been and remains today free of charge to use.
In 2014, to further promote the platform, an independent organization was established: .NET Foundation. The platform’s software code was placed in a public repository GitHub and is now distributed as an open-source product.


Cross-platform nature

Adapting the source code of an app to different operating systems can be avoided if there is a standardizing layer between it and the operating system. For example, with .NET, the app developed in one operating system can smoothly run in another OS. That is, instead of porting individual apps, it is possible to port the software layer itself.


Development Speed

Using ready-made elements from previously developed libraries in programming is a common and correct practice in .Net. Yes, it does reduce the specific efficiency of software code, but it allows solving complex application tasks within reasonable terms.


Internet of Things (IoT)

.NET also can be used in the area of technology development for things that can interact with each other, with the external environment and with the Internet. .NET also can be used here.

Possible areas for outsource.Net development

Custom ASP.NET development services

Using .Net development software, outsource developers create multilevel and reliable web solutions on the .NET platform. When developing apps and software, we focus on ASP.NET MVC3/MVC4/MVC5 frameworks.

.NET integration services

Our team will help you integrate your .NET solution into almost any development environment.

Customization of third-party .NET components

Experienced dedicated .Net developers can customize any product in ASP.NET developed by other developers, according to your company’s business requirements. Our services include user interface (UI) improvements, technical support, features extension and API development.

Application migration to .NET

If you are using outdated technologies and would like to migrate your legacy desktop application (legacy app) to the web and, in particular, develop it on the dotNet, we can make this migration process simple and significantly improve the performance of your app.

Migration to clouds

The experts from our .Net development company work with the most complex dotNet apps and can easily deploy and scale your IT resources in the cloud. We work with Windows Azure, which is the best PaaS (platform as a service) for dot net projects. We can deploy your project on almost any PaaS platform or deploy it in a hybrid cloud environment, depending on the scale of your app.

Service & Support

We provide technical support for .Net apps developed by us, as well as support for third-party solutions. Support specialists are available 24/7 and are focused on creating an exceptional user experience when working with the app.


Our outsource dot Net development team performs qualitative testing of solutions to ensure flawless operation of the developed apps in accordance with your business requirements.

Since its launch in 2002, the .NET platform has come a long way and managed to gain a strong position as a reliable corporate-class solution. For a long time, .NET was a multiplatform environment that allowed creating server and desktop apps, apps for mobile and embedded devices and apps for deployment in the cloud infrastructure. Thus, it was not cross-platform and only Windows operating systems supported it.

.Net - corporate-class platform for all

Typically, when talking about .NET, it primarily involves large corporate projects with high demands for reliability, scalability and extensibility. Thus, the infrastructure is expensive. Therefore, development for .NET has always been a really pricey service. However, .Net development outsourcing solves this problem too.

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