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Cadence development

Cadence is a resource-oriented programming language designed for dApps and digital objects. Boosty Labs is the largest Cadence development outsourcing company in Europe. Its world-class fintech and cloud engineering team has a solid background of practice that combines consulting, strategy, design and engineering at scale. You can hire our Cadence developers who are qualified to help with Cadence development services.


Language Key Features

A tool for Creation of Digital Assets and Decentralized Applications

The programming language is one of the innovations of the Flow protocol that makes the decentralized Flow blockchain a convenient environment for programmers creating DApps, DeFi and deploying smart contracts.

Kitty Items

The language was used to create Kitty Items, an NFT marketplace and demo application that helps programmers get started with the Flow platform.

Active Development

Dapper Labs is actively promoting Cadence, contrasting it with Solidity from Ethereum, Move, and attracting developers.


The language is ideal for NFT-related applications.

Language Benefits

Auxiliary Tool Kit

The project team has opened access to a number of tools that help programmers learn the language. It is a back-end tool based on the Go programming language, a front-end development tool), a smart contract testing environment, and an in-browser development environment.

Resource Oriented Programming

The language's defining characteristic is resource-oriented programming, whereby developers can create digital artifacts that are controlled by the programming language itself.

Convenience and Simplicity

Convenient and ergonomic syntax, as well as a statistical type system to minimize runtime errors, makes the language easy to read, easy to audit and learn.

Flow is a decentralized blockchain platform that is a very convenient, fast and secure ecosystem.  It is the foundation for a new generation of games, apps and digital assets. Anyone can issue tokens, NFTs and create applications in the decentralized environment of the Flow platform, and users can instantly buy assets, NFTs, use applications, etc. with a minimum, even near zero commission.

A distinctive feature of the blockchain is speed and throughput. The concept of the platform proposes the division of the blockchain network into independent segments managed by separate independent network nodes.

The protocol operates on the basis of the Proof-of-Stake consensus, which requires validators to stake a certain number of FLOW coins in order to participate in the network. But unlike other blockchain projects, Flow uses a system in the form of a pipeline, that is, the point is that not only one, but four types of validators are responsible for processing transactions and maintaining network security.

Using the Flow platform, you can create various crypto projects, and various tools in the form of applications in the platform help develop new types of digital assets for future trading on the open market. But Flow is not only a platform for developers, but also for ordinary users. The platform offers the following features:

Fast deterministic finalization – the Flow platform ensures the speed and efficiency of development, thanks to this, the launch of projects takes the shortest possible time;

Upgradable smart contracts – the platform has a transparent and secure mechanism for creating beta versions of applications with further development;

Built-in logging – this feature ensures software quality and development speed.

The Flow platform is already completely ready for mass use. It includes payment instruments and ecosystems that are optimized for user applications. In addition, the platform has a strong protection that provides 99% system security and protects against hacker attacks and malicious files.

Accounts that are created and run on the Flow platform allow decentralized applications to pay transaction fees. This means that any user with good access to the Internet can be a validator, for which he can receive rewards in the form of commissions and new (mined) FLOW coins.

Interestingly, the more commissions a network member pays, the less new coins are created for rewards, and this has a positive effect on the growth of the rate, as there is a decrease in emission.

Cadence is a new programming language that is very easy to understand and use and can be used to develop decentralized applications and digital assets. This language is one of the innovations of the Flow protocol that makes the latter a convenient environment for programmers creating DApps, DeFi and deploying smart contracts.

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