Vue.js development

Vue.js is a JavaScript library for developing simple web interfaces. Resorting to Vue.js development company makes sense when you need a single-page, a powerful web app or a small website that runs quickly and adapts to the user through its dynamic interface.


Advantages of Vue.js development outsourcing


Low load

Vue.js framework features a very compact main library (only 17 KB). As a result, load on the app or site is low, while the speed of loading the pages is high. Vue.js is easily scalable, so the developer can quickly expand the site’s functionality without losing the site loading speed.


Easy integration

Vue.js framework is easy to integrate with backend frameworks. As a result, the libraries are easy to pair with all types of packages. Vue.js can be implemented gradually and the features of this technology are easy to understand, particularly because of the well-prepared documentation.



Vue.js framework is suitable for small projects that need to add speed but still retain authorization, user data input and other similar functions. It is a good option for creating single-page apps, frontend blogs and dynamic interfaces.



Vue.js endures very high loads. One example is the website with more than 19 million users. In addition to static pages, the interface contains a section for playing chess online. Thanks to transition to this framework, the project team quickly developed and implemented a new set of functions.

Peculiarities of outsource Vue.js development

Advanced HTML

Many companies decide to hire Vue.js developers to optimize the processing of HTML blocks using different components.

Detailed documentation

When companies outsource Vue.js development, it accelerates the developer training, which, in its turn, saves time on app development with the use of basic knowledge of HTML, JavaScript and Vue.js development software.

Vue 2.0 was introduced in 2016 and took the best of Ember, React and Angular, combining it all in a convenient package. This technology has proven it can be faster and more compact than React and Angular.

Looking deeper, Vue.js offers two-way data binding (same as AngularJS), server-side visualization (same as Angular and ReactJS), Vue-cli (scaffolding tool for quick start) and optional JSX support. This makes it one of the fastest frameworks in general.

Vue.js is the best choice for fast development of cross-platform apps. It can provide a solid foundation for high-performance single-page apps (SPAs) and a beneficial solution for the cases when performance is more important than good code organization or app structure. Vue is used by such giants as Alibaba, Baidu, GitLab and many others.

Why choose Vue.js development software

Vue.js development software’s library is quite simple and powerful. There are no requirements to the stack, so Vue.js can be used with any project. The framework takes little memory space too. With Vue.j, pages load faster and get a plenty of other benefits: better conversion, better UX, better search ranking, etc.

Thanks to the use of any templates and availability of documentation, most problems in Vue.j can be solved pretty quickly. Plus, almost any developer who has at least a basic knowledge of frontend development can be connected to the project. The low learning curve enables both frontend and backend developers to work with the framework.

Finally, a dedicated Vue.js developer can create feature-rich apps that meet all the latest standards, with the minimal connection of new resources, which makes the development cheaper.