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Kotlin development

Kotlin is the next stage in the development of Java, with which it is fully compatible. Kotlin development software is a great choice for mobile and enterprise apps. And since Kotlin is now the official language of Android, it’s a great solution for developing a mobile app for a wide community of users.


Features and Benefits of Kotlin Development Outsourcing


Compact syntax

Due to the expressiveness of the language, Kotlin code is extremely neat. The less code the dedicated Kotlin developer writes, the fewer bugs creep into the app and the easier it is to maintain the final code.


Null security

Kotlin’s null security is especially appreciated by the developers. The type system in Kotlin aims to eliminate the danger of addressing null values, better known as the ‘error in a billion.” This security feature is built into the Kotlin compiler, which reduces null value problems.


Compatibility with Java

Kotlin’s compatibility allows working with it much more productively. By hiring a Kotlin developer and programming in Kotlin, you can use all the frameworks and libraries of the Java ecosystem. With outsource Kotlin development, you can gradually incorporate Kotlin into your existing Java project without having to rewrite the entire Java code into Kotlin.



Using coroutines is an easy way to write asynchronous code within an imperative programming model. Coroutines are especially useful for developing high-load server apps with lots of I/O operations, since they save a lot of system resources. With the introduction of coroutines support in SpringFramework, it has become even easier to use them in server-side development.


Kotlin Multiplatform

You can develop apps in Kotlin for different platforms: JVM, JavaScript, Android, iOS and native apps. According to Kotlin developers, the ability to use common code in apps running on different platforms turned out to be very useful.

Peculiarities of switching the projects to Kotlin

Implementation on working projects

Moving real projects to Kotlin does not create overwhelming obstacles; on the contrary, it is suitable for the legacy projects, as well as the new ones, in both corporations and startups.

Smoother project structure

Using Kotlin can have a noticeable impact on the architecture of the project, making it more structured and using techniques that are not applicable in Java, such as Kotlin Multiplatform.


While switching to Kotlin is fairly easy, lack of expertise is risky with Java-style, which is inefficient. For a more comprehensive use of this tool, it is recommended that you engage experts or take developer courses.

Kotlin is an advanced programming language. It has enhanced performance and an intuitive and consistent syntax that improves its speed. It requires fewer lines of code and therefore less time to create a deployment of the finished program.

Kotlin and Java are 100% compatible, which means that Java methods can be easily used in Kotlin. This is a benefit for developers and customers with a Java code base. Support for the language is easy because it is integrated into the IDE and SDK. The list of tools that can be used is standard.

Recent versions have backward compatibility with previous ones. This leads to reliability of the codes and eliminates the need for a Kotlin development company to constantly improve the codes of different versions. Kotlin is much easier to learn than Java, since developers don’t necessarily need knowledge in smartphone app development.

Android Studio provides extensive support for Kotlin, with a full list of adaptation tools. Programmers can work in Kotlin and Java at the same time. Thus, the code compilation speed can vary, which is not always convenient. Community support is sufficient, although Java has more of it. So far, not many developers are working in Kotlin. As a result, development focus should be placed on the basic functions and creation of apps using Kotlin and Java.

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