Golang development

Go language was developed as a programming language for creating highly efficient software running on modern distributed systems and multi-core processors. And our Golang development company will help maintain the high level of efficiency of the software created.


Peculiarities and advantages of Go development outsourcing



Unlike PHP, Go is a compilable programming language. Thanks to this, the whole project may consist of just one executable file. It is very convenient for a quick launch. In addition, the need to compile allows a dedicated Golang developer to identify many errors before starting the project, while in PHP these errors would need to be fixed during the operation.


Operation speed

This is another advantage that comes from compilability. Golang-based software runs tens of times faster than that based on the interpreted languages. Thus, the software written with Golang requires considerably less memory.



Golang copes perfectly with parallel computing thanks to this so-called ‘routine.’ This allows creating systems that can handle hundreds, or even thousands, of inquiries per second with minimal server resources.


Small number of programmers

Changing the project development team to Go is a rather complicated task. However, it is not a drawback of the language, but rather a growth problem that will disappear naturally as the community develops. In the meantime, we can help you solve this problem with outsourcing a Go developer.


Frontend and backend

Go is more preferred as a backend language and offers high performance for concurrent application development.


Ease of blockchain implementation

Blockchain has become the latest trend recently and brought the scaling technology to new heights. Many companies are looking to integrate modern technologies as they are closely related to cryptocurrency development. Golang development software is perfect for implementing blockchain solutions.


Go is supported by Google

Go is created and maintained by a well-established corporation: Google. Google has one of the largest cloud infrastructures in the world that continues to evolve. This language is also used by many major companies, such  asas Dropbox, Soundcloud, Docker and BBC.

Golang was developed in 2007 and released in 2009 as an open-source programming language. It was intended to overcome the complexity of modern server languages such as C, C++ and Java. The developers who created it believed that server languages have not been sufficiently developed since their emergence.
The ubiquitous introduction of multiprocessor computing gave Golang developers the idea of creating a modern backend language capable of effectively utilizing multiprocessor technology and addressing complex cloud computing tasks.

What are the benefits of Go?

Golang is a compiled language, which has an impact on speed. But thanks to its ease, it feels like it's interpreted. A programmer can write the code quickly along with the high speed of compilation. The backend language, enabling to write and compile code quickly, saves companies time and money during the entire process of application development. And outsource Go development allows saving even more money.