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WPF development

WPF is an abbreviation for Windows presentation foundation. This is an ideal framework for building and developing Windows applications. The concept behind the WPF framework introduction was that a WPF developer would be dedicated to build an advanced user interface consisting of 3D, animation and rich colors with minimal code complexity.


Features and Benefits of Outsource Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Development


Simultaneous development of an interface and an app

WPF development software makes it significantly easier to create any user interface. Besides, the interface can be built relatively independently of the rest of the application, which allows designers to efficiently participate in the process of development.


Compatibility with various platforms

The resulting app developed with WPF does not depend on the resolution. It can be run either on mobile devices or on a 20-inch monitor.


Web-like layout model

Instead of fixing controls in place with specific coordinates, WPF supports flexible flow that places controls based on their content. As a result, there is a user interface that can be adapted for displaying highly dynamic content or using different languages.


Pages-based applications

Using WPF, or WPF development outsourcing, one can build/get browser-like applications that allow you to navigate through collections of pages equipped with forward and backward navigation buttons. WPF automatically handles all the complex details, such as the page visit history. The project can even be deployed as a browser-like application that executes inside Internet Explorer.

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is a framework for building client-sided Windows apps with visually alluring capabilities for user interaction with a graphical (presentation) subsystem. Our WPF development company has been using the extensible application markup language (XAML) since version 3.0.

WPF represents an extensive API for building desktop graphic programs with rich design and interactivity. Unlike the outdated solution of Windows Forms, WPF has a modern layout of custom applications. It uses a powerful DirectX-based framework.

Using WPF means that all sorts of advanced graphic effects can be used without having to pay for it. Plus, the apps have performance like they were designed in Windows Forms. In fact, even progressive features such as video support and 3D content are becoming available. You can use these resources (of course, if you have a good enough graphic design tool) or hire WPF developer to build eye-catching user interfaces and visuals that were simply not possible in Windows Forms.

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