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Clarity development

Clarity is a programming language for smart contracts that enables direct interaction between different blockchains and has many advantages. Boosty Labs is the largest Clarity development outsourcing company in Europe. Its world-class fintech and cloud engineering team has a solid background of practice that combines consulting, strategy, design and engineering at scale. You can hire our Clarity developers who are qualified to help with Clarity development services.


Language Key Features

Supported Types

The language includes support for basic types, integer types, lists, buffers, responses, optional types, booleans.

Complex Types Support

The language provides unique support for complex types, including support for mappings only.

Adaptation to Turing Incompleteness

The language is adapted to Turing incompleteness, which avoids the problems associated with "Turing complexity".

Immunity to Reentrancy Attacks

Reentrancy attacks pose a significant threat to the security of smart contracts. The language is immune to such attacks.

Language Development Advantages

High Security

The Clarity programming language allows users to specify certain conditions for transactions, thanks to which the language provides a high level of security by preventing the unexpected transfer of tokens belonging to the user.

Efficient Syntax

Precise and easily understandable syntax allows developers to make accurate predictions about the performance of their contracts.

Code Execution Guarantee

The language is interpreted and does not need a compiler. Smart contracts written on it are simultaneously broadcast to the blockchain as they are created by developers. Thus, there is a guarantee that the code that the developers have written, analyzed and tested is the code that will be executed.

Possibility of Сomprehensive Analysis

The language provides the ability to parse code to determine data usage and runtime costs. This makes it easy for developers to predict the features of the Clarity program along with the associated costs.

A smart contract refers to a software algorithm that functions within a blockchain. This is a program in an embedded or third-party programming language. It turns on automatically after certain conditions are met. In the simplest version, it is the smart contract that ensures the transfer of tokens from one participant to another. But complex interactions can also be programmed, such as issuing loans or selling NFT tokens.

Using a smart contract provides several important advantages:

  • government organizations and other bodies cannot control transactions;
  • the contract provides for the unconditional transfer of the asset when conditions are met, which insures against fraud;
  • all transactions are conducted anonymously and correctly.

Smart contracts are the basis of decentralized applications. Contracts operate in a decentralized and distributed environment. Therefore, one of the participants cannot interfere with their work and hack the program. It will not pass validation and will be replaced by a copy from another block. That is, the fulfillment of obligations is fully guaranteed.
Thus, smart contracts guarantee the fulfillment of the agreements reached. And everything happens automatically.

If you want to specify the terms of an agreement in a smart contract, you will need a programming language with such capabilities. One of these languages ​​is Clarity, a programming language for creating smart contracts on the Stacks 2.0 blockchain.

Clarity creators are specialists from Algorand and Blockstack. They have developed a language that can be used to write smart contracts supported by two blockchains, thus forming the world of multi-blockchain. Network interoperability is important because users choose blockchains for different purposes, and user assets should not be at risk due to inaccuracies in the programming language. Clarity is more error-resistant than Turing-complete languages and more user-friendly.

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