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Yii development

If you are planning to launch a project with a high traffic flow, a large online store or a popular web service, the Yii framework will be a great solution. This platform allows developing sophisticated, complex sites and solving non-standard tasks as quickly as possible. A wide range of add-ons and plugins help implement any idea effectively and efficiently. The framework has many advantages over its contemporary counterparts and is among the leaders in its world rating.


Advantages of Yii development


Possibility to create a unique administrative panel

You can develop an admin panel, taking into account all wishes of the client.


Possibility to change any element of the site

By creating a website in Yii2, you can create your own elements, use an adaptive and user-friendly design and change and edit any little thing you want.


Data security

Yii2 offers out-of-the-box tools for secure authorization and registration of website users and role-based access control (RBAC) for customized access of user groups.


Really high speed

Speed is a really important parameter of a site. Slow pages annoy the user, which worsens behavioral factors and negatively affects the site’s promotion. Search engines directly use site speed whenranking sites in search results.


Solution methods

When a programmer performs a task through a framework, the code becomes cleaner and less messy. Thus, the product is easier to edit when outsourced.


Support and development

The framework team is constantly releasing updates so that users have access to php programming reflecting the latest trends.

Why we develop on Yii

Large selection of design templates

Creation of a multilingual site

Support of various databases

(SQLite, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle)

User-friendly interface that is easy to learn

Flexible caching tools

(possibility to cache pages or individual code elements)

Easy authentication and role-based access control

High scalability and adaptability of design

(possibility to expand and improve the project during its operation)

Fast integration with third-party apps

Great variety of add-ons, integration with Jquery UI

Dividing the application into blocks

(client and service)


(used by programmers around the world)

Backward compatibility of versions

Regular releases and updates

Integrated mechanism for displaying advertising integration, navigation and interlinking

Possibility to create an individual admin panel based on the customer’s requirements

High degree of personal data security during account creation and authorization

Prevention of attacks through cookies, scripting and inquiries from other sites


Thanks to the excellent functionality of the platform, customers get adaptive and high-performance sites. The best features of Yii include:

  • Automatic testing, instant error detection
  • MVC design and more than 200 add-ons that can be used to modify a website in blocks instead of creating code from scratch
  • Large library of ready-made codes. Quick integration with other libraries. The use of AJAX and jQuery.

The possibilities of a site created on the Yii platform are limited only by tasks set by the clients. Because of its functionality and unique features, the framework is used by professionals from all over the world, and among the Russian-speaking users, it is the most popular and sought-after platform.

What projects to use the Yii Framework for

By choosing the Yii framework, a client gets a stylish, modern and, most importantly, feature-rich website. The platform can be called all-in-one, because it is designed to create any web resources, from ordinary blogs to large news portals. Most programmers use it to develop large-scale web projects. The platform provides high performance, so the finished site will withstand maximum loads without interruption and work steadily, without letting the owner and users down.


  • popular forums and information portals
  •  online stores with a large catalog
  • websites with online services (government agencies, travel agencies, airlines, sale of tickets for events, etc.)
  • personal CMS systems
  • applications for eCommerce

While weaker frameworks fail to cope with complex tasks, Yii allows us to fully meet our clients’ needs and implement ideas as efficiently as possible.

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