Boosty Labs and Baseline Protocol

Boosty Labs is a world class software engineering & award winning design company. The company offers both fixed price full-cycle software development and dedicated teams committed solely to your business and fully integrated into your operational process.

Our teams create innovative products for SMB/Fast-growing start-ups within the Fintech, Blockchain and cloud areas. We deliver services such as Technical Consulting, Product Management Consulting, Engineering Solutions and also Design Solutions.

Today, Boosty Labs is excited to announce that we are working with the Baseline Protocol ecosystem as a solutions provider and systems integrator.

What is Baseline Protocol?

The Baseline Protocol is a set of techniques that must be implemented in a standard way across different systems.

The Baseline Protocol is an approach to using the public Mainnet as a common frame of reference between different systems, including traditional corporate systems of record, any kind of database or state machine, and even different blockchains or DLTs. It is particularly promising as a way to reduce capital expense and other overheads while increasing operational integrity when automating business processes across multiple companies.

The approach is designed to appeal to security and performance-minded technology officers.

Why Baseline Different Systems of Record?

Businesses spend hundreds of millions of dollars on ERP, CRM and other internal systems of record. Failure to properly synchronize these systems between organizations causes considerable disruption and waste: disputes, lost inventory, inflated capital costs, regulatory actions, and other value leakage. To avoid these problems, systems require a common frame of reference. But only the largest high-volume partnerships can afford the capital expense involved in setting up such integrations. The baseline approach employs the public Ethereum Mainnet as that common frame of reference, because it’s always on, companies can’t be locked out or restricted from using it, and they only need to pay for what they use.

However, past approaches to blockchain technology have had difficulty meeting the highest standards of privacy, security and performance required by corporate IT departments. Overcoming these issues is the goal of the Baseline Protocol.

Working on a Baseline Project? – Reach out, and we can help!



Viktor Ihnatiuk

Founder at Boosty Labs, SNO Growth Lead at Storj Labs

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