Scholarship by Boosty Labs outsourcing company launched!
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Scholarship by Boosty Labs launched!

 is a unique and promising social project aimed at helping students - future young professionals.

Almost each of us has been а student and remembers this wonderful time. We have to admit that this period is associated with difficulties as well. The lack of practical experience complicates providing for living. Situation becomes even more challenging when the funds have to cover tuition fees. Therefore, Boosty Labs company decided to participate in а social program supporting pro-active students.

The framework provides 3 prizes !
1 prize winner - 1000$
2 prize winner - 500$
3 prize winner - 500$

Scholarship contest timeline 

  1. Launching of the contest - 10.01.2021
  2. Reception of works - 10.01.2022 - 10.05.2022
    (The competition has been extended due to the small number of participants)
  3. Selection of the winners - 10.04.2022 - 10.05.2022
  4. Winner announcement on the website - 01.10.2022

Who can become a participant

  • U.S. citizens
  • University and college students of all courses
  • On the application day, the participant must be at least 18 years old
  • Academic performance at least 3.0 GPA

Steps to apply for а scholarship 

1. Write an article on the topics stated below

Priority Topics:
1. Advancements in Lightning Network technology (LN) - Bitcoin scalability solution. Possible areas of research (however, provided list is not intended to be comprehensive):
- LN usability
- security
- efficient management of LN hubs' payment channels
- network structure - analysis and modeling
- trust-less LN node cloud hosting

2. Best practices for Autonomous Systems and Economies on the blockchain. Decision-making processes in DAO. Game theoretic approach to the DAO designing.

3. Robust assets bridging between different chains.

Other topics:

  1. How to get hired by your dream company
  2. Financial technology development
  3. Main trends of new HR technologies
  4. Why do more and more companies choose to outsource
  5. What does the future leader look like
  6. Jobs of the future in the US and worldwide
  7. Staff leasing in simple terms
  8. Outsourcing as a successful business model

2. Make sure the article meets the following requirements

  • The uniqueness of the content (plagiarism checker -
  • Text structure consists of introduction, body and conclusion
  • Article length ranging from 1500 to 2000 words

3. Write a letter on our email

  • Subject line: “ scholarship participant”
  • In a few short sentences, tell about yourself and explain why you chose this topic
  • Attach to your e-mail an MS Word or PDF file or insert a link to the Google Docs file with your article
  • The letter must be sent no later than (10.04.2022)


The right to use your articles remains with the organizer


Answers to relevant questions / Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if one of the requirements is not met
this work is not allowed for evaluation

 How are scholarship winners determined
The winners will be selected by the collective decision of the panel of judges

How is the reward received
The prize will be remitted within 7 days after receiving the winners’ bank account details 




Viktor Ihnatiuk

Founder at Boosty Labs, SNO Growth Lead at Storj Labs

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