Boosty Labs Recognized as the top Blockchain Developer Group in Eastern Europe

Boosty Labs Recognized as the top Blockchain Developer Group in Eastern Europe

Today, we are excited to announce that Boosty Labs has become the largest blockchain development outsourcing company in Europe, serving more than 6 companies listed on CoinMarketCaps’s top 100 firms by crypto-marketcap.

To date, Boosty Labs has successfully filled development needs for companies like Storj Labs, NEM, Elixxir, Near Protocol, Bloom Protocol, Affinidi Group and others.  

Experienced developers for Startups

Our team consists of experienced developers, designers, and security experts fluent in leading languages and frameworks like Go, NodeJS, TypeScript, JavaScript, Rust, VueJS, C, C++, React.JS, Solidity, and others.  Our collective developer team has a full-stack portfolio, executing front-end, back-end, design, QA, DevOps and smart-contract development for our portfolio companies.

Boosty Labs offers flexible engagement models for our clients, including full-time Team Extension, outstaffing, and time-based models – as well as per-project and customized partnerships for our clients.

Having built startups from the bottom up, we understand what it takes to help founders through their product growth journey. Let us help you build a great development team, right from the start.

About Boosty Labs

Five years ago, Viktor Ihnatiuk’s peer to peer lending company was acquired. He was 21 years old. Later, the young fintech veteran built a product development outsourcing team of industry experts to tackle a number of projects including ones in fintech, blockchain and cloud storage.
Attracted by our ability to create products, several market leading companies became our clients. Together we developed cutting-edge digital solutions which addressed customers’ needs and helped to improve their business.

Boosty Labs is a world class software engineering & award winning design company. The company offers both fixed price full-cycle software development and dedicated teams committed solely to your business and fully integrated into your operational process.

Our teams create innovative products for SMB/Fast-growing start-ups within the Fintech, Blockchain and cloud areas. We deliver services such as Technical Consulting, Product Management Consulting, Engineering Solutions and also Design Solutions.


Viktor Ihnatiuk

Founder at Boosty Labs, SNO Growth Lead at Storj Labs

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