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Storj Labs

Coming Soon!

Storj Labs -

Helping one of the world’s largest blockchain file hosting better serve their largest clients.


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Tardigrade -

Tardigrade is the enterprise, production-ready version of the Storj network.


Coming Soon!

Bloom -

Bloom is a blockchain solution for secure identity and credit scoring.

Vodafone Pay

Coming Soon!

Vodafone Pay -

Vodafone is one of the world`s largest telecom provider over the world.


Coming Soon!

Boxdrive -

One of the world`s first decentralized cloud storage platforms.

Storj Mobile

Coming Soon!

Storj Mobile -

The world`s largest decentralized cloud storage provider.


Coming Soon!

Tyme -

Tyme is the largest Ukrainian international payment service provider.

Creditor AI

Coming Soon!

Creditor AI - is a turned-down loan application marketplace.


Coming Soon!

Planka -

Planka is a money transfers system startup.

Vseeding Crypto Wallet

Coming Soon!

Vseeding Crypto Wallet -

Vseeding is the world’s first pre-IPO investment platform.


Coming Soon!

Stoop -

Stoop is a platform for long-term rental high quality real estate in New York.

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